About Us

CoinJar is a global personal finance company, where people can easily buy and spend bitcoin and other currencies. With over 45,000 customers, we’ve processed over $50m worth of transactions in the last 12 months.

Passionate about digital currency.

CoinJar provides simple tools to manage digital currencies. We use multi-factor authentication (e.g. password plus SMS verification) to ensure our customers’ bitcoins are safe, even if their password is compromised. As an additional layer of protection, we store the majority of customer bitcoin holdings offline.

European clearing and billing services are handled by CoinJar UK Limited, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ (UKCo. number 8905988)

Backed by veterans.

CoinJar is backed by leading investors AngelCube and Blackbird Ventures. StartupSmart listed us as one a top startups to watch in 2014.

Asher Tan

Co-Founder/CEO - @ashertn

Asher has a background in economics, formerly providing analysis to leading business magazines on company financial performance and the wider economy. He leads CoinJar - a successful AngelCube alumnus and Australia’s favourite bitcoin company.

Ryan Zhou

Co-Founder/COO - @zhoutong

Ryan is a veteran entrepreneur and Bitcoin guru. Technically and commercially adept, he’s founded several successful startups and remains a prominent figure in the Bitcoin community.

Cade Diehm

Creative Director - @helveticade

With a deep understanding of human computer interaction and behaviour, Cade has been involved in several large apps and websites during his 7 year career. He has advised on, conceptualised, designed and prototyped digital products for governments, blue chip companies, startups and other clients from all over the world. He won an Apple Scholarship in 2009 for his work in Human Computer Interaction and leads CoinJar’s Creative and Front End teams.

Aron Bury

Engineering Lead - @aronbury

Aron has led mobile teams, delivered high quality enterprise and consumer applications and mentored team members in code quality and best practise. With a background in business and extensive experience in software development Aron brings a balanced perspective to managing software projects - ensuring best practises are followed and value is created for the business.

Lúí Smyth

General Manager (UK) - @yablochko

Lúí gets very excited about the social and cultural implications of decentralised finance. With six years of research experience in media and government, his first foray into the Bitcoin world was as an anthropology postgraduate at University College London, examining the social processes that allow digital tokens to hold financial value. He now leads CoinJar’s UK operations from our office in Shoreditch.

Samuel Tate Goudie

Marketing Lead - @samueltates

Sam is passionate about discoverability and the power of networks. He believes that the bitcoin protocol is a better way to transact. His goal at CoinJar is to make bitcoin a part of everyday life. The best time to get him talking about marketing, the digital world, or disruptive tech is when you have plenty of time to spare; his passion in these arenas means it won’t be a quick chat!

Zhoe Low

Communications - @zhoelow

Zhoe makes technology relevant and understandable for everyone. With experience working in corporate affairs, public relations and government, Zhoe is a communications all-rounder and a true people person. As part of the Marketing team, she keeps our customers updated on all things CoinJar from our events to our new products. And even though she’s always on the go getting things done, she’s always keen for a chat over a good cup of coffee.

James Elia

Finance Manager - @jelia_88

James is passionate about innovative and disruptive technologies that serve a cause. Having worked with global organisations in accounting and finance, he traded his corporate life to join the entrepreneur’s world. A big part of his role is building confidence in the CoinJar brand by ensuring best practices are consistently adopted.

Andrew Powell

Support Lead - @andyjpowell

Andrew is an experienced IT professional who has long been passionate about technology, the Internet, and excellent customer service. This trio has taken him on career journey, in Australia and abroad, from support, to development, and back again. Having worked with organisations such as The Age, the Health Protection Agency (UK), Yammer and Microsoft he is now focused on creating a world class Support experience at CoinJar.

Eaden McKee

Software Architect - @eadz

Programming from age 11, Eaden has always been a lifelong learner. Growing up alongside the Internet, he has been at the forefront of emerging trends, and is excited about the opportunities bitcoin and blockchain technology brings to the world. With a computer science degree and experience gained while working at some of Australasia’s top Ruby on Rails houses, his focus is quality software and practices.

Adrian Sprott

Customer Service - @adrspr_

Having spent the last five years providing support for the largest mobile device manufacturer on the planet, Adrian has seen first hand the benefits of exceptional customer service. He’s now focused on bringing that same level of attention and care to CoinJar, believing that a company can truly be measured not only by their amazing services and products, but by the support they provide to back them up.