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What is Bitcoin?

What Is Bitcoin and how does it work? Learn the basics, how it works, and why it's revolutionizing the financial world. Dive in now!Read more

What is Ethereum?

Explore Ethereum's smart contracts, decentralized applications, and how it's transforming the blockchain landscape.Read more
What is cryptocurrency? How do cryptocurrencies work?

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Unravel the mystery of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more! Decode their workings & potential impact today.Read more

How to store your cryptocurrency?

Master the essentials, secure your assets, and embrace the future of finance. Get started now!Read more

What are NFTs?

Unlock the world of digital art and collectibles! Explore how blockchain technology transforms ownership and value online.Read more

What is the Metaverse?

Immerse yourself in the virtual universe blending social, gaming, and business! Experience the digital revolution firsthand.Read more

What is Blockchain?

Unravel its mystery, grasp its core principles, and see how it's transforming the digital landscape. Explore today!Read more

Introduction to Altcoins

Explore the diverse world of cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin! Uncover unique opportunities and challenges in digital finance.Read more

How to Buy Bitcoin

How to buy the world's most popular cryptocurrency.Read more
how to buy bitcoin with a credit card

How to Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card

Want to know how to buy Bitcoin with a credit card? Here’s how to do it quickly and safely on CoinJar. Read more
what is a crypto exchange? What is a broker? What is the difference?

What is a Crypto Exchange? What is a Broker? What's the Difference?

A crypto exchange that you want to use might not be an exchange at all, it might be a broker. Here's the difference between crypto exchanges vs crypto brokers. Read more
Buy bitcoin in Australia buy bitcoin in the uk, binance uk withdraw

How to Buy Bitcoin in Australia

How does Bitcoin work in Australia? Here's everything you need to know about BTC Downunder.Read more
how to spend crypto, how can I spend my crypto

What Can I Buy with Crypto? How to Spend Cryptocurrency

Spending crypto is great in theory but how does it work in reality? We explain the ins and outs of spending crypto in the real world in this article.Read more
how to make money with crypto

How to Make Money With Crypto? You Could Make Your Bank Account Happy

How to make money with crypto? That's the big question! Here are some ideas that might make you some bank.Read more
What are stablecoins? Tether USDT USD Coin USDC DAI Dai

What Is a Stablecoin? Understanding Stablecoins and Their Uses

What is a stablecoin? They are cryptocurrencies designed to maintain a steady value by pegging to other assets like the US dollar or commodities. Learn about them here.Read more

What is CeFi? Understanding Centralised Finance

What is CeFi or centralised finance? It’s a new industry that is a spin-off from the growth of cryptocurrency. Let’s talk about it! Read more
what is technical analysis, technical analysis explained

Understanding Technical Analysis in Crypto: A Beginner's Guide

What is technical analysis? How does technical analysis work? Here is the explainer. Read more
how to buy crypto Westpac how to spend crypto, buy bitcoin

How to Buy Crypto: A Beginner’s Guide

How to buy crypto: Here is a guide to show you just how easy it is to buy cryptocurrency using CoinJar.Read more
how to buy bitcoin with a credit card

How to Buy Crypto With a Credit Card

Wondering how to buy crypto with a credit card? Here is the comprehensive guide for cryptocurrency newbies.Read more
sim card swap scam fraud buy Bitcoin

Different Types of Crypto: A Comprehensive Guide

Different kinds of crypto are used for different functions and purposes. Here are the important differences between cryptocurrencies. Read more
what is a bull market? what is a bear market? Bull and bear markets. Buy Bitcoin

Bull vs Bear Markets: A Guide for Investors

What's a bull market? What's a bear market? And how do they impact our investment decisions? Let’s break it down. Read more
what is defi?

What is DeFi? Decentralised Finance Explained

What is DeFi? Cryptocurrency has given rise to a new concept known as decentralised finance or DeFi. Here is the breakdown. Read more
crypto tax australia, crypto, tax, australia, cryptocurrency

Crypto Tax in Australia in 2024: Here's What You Need to Know

Crypto tax in Australia is something you need to think about if you have tried your hand at any sort of crypto trading this financial year. Read more
how to withdraw AUD from Binance

How to Withdraw Your AUD from Binance

Australians can no longer withdraw AUD via bank accounts in Australia when using Binance. Here are the workarounds you need to know. Read more
sim card swap scam fraud buy Bitcoin

The SIM-Swap Crypto Scam Out to Take Your Bitcoin

A SIM-Swap crypto scam that aims to steal your crypto is rising. Here's how to protect yourself against this "phone porting" danger. Read more
buy crypto with westpac account

How to Buy Crypto with Westpac Bank

How to buy crypto with Westpac: Each bank has a different policy towards crypto. Here's how to link your Westpac account to CoinJar. Read more
buy crypto anz account

How to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto with ANZ Bank

Are you an ANZ banking customer looking to buy crypto or Bitcoin on CoinJar? Here's how you do it.Read more
buy crypto with commonwealth bank account

Buying Bitcoin and Other Crypto Via Commonwealth Bank (CBA)

Want to buy crypto or Bitcoin using your Commonwealth Bank account (CBA)? Here's how to do it with CoinJar.Read more
buy crypto ING account bank

How to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto With Your ING Account

Learn how to buy crypto with your ING account using CoinJar. Follow our step-by-step guide and start investing in cryptocurrencies today. Read more
buy bitcoin with a credit card BTC anz crypto

Crypto-Friendly Banks in Australia (and the Other Ones)

Best banks for buying crypto: The CoinJar definitive list of top crypto-friendly banks in Australia (and the other ones!). Read more
buy crypto with NAB bank account

How to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto on CoinJar with NAB

If National Australia Bank (NAB) is where you hold your money, then here is how you buy Bitcoin or crypto on CoinJar.Read more
buy Bitcoin australia, buy bitcoin, buy BTC

Buy Bitcoin Australia: Strategies for Beginners

Are you new to crypto and want to buy Bitcoin in Australia? Here are some investment strategies.Read more
buy bitcoin Australia hedge against inflation

Why Buying Bitcoin Is a Smart Hedge Against Inflation

Should you buy Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation? What even is a hedge against inflation? Let's find out. Read more
buy bitcoin australia

Bitcoin Price Predictions: Is Now a Good Time to Buy BTC?

Bitcoin price predictions for 2024 are everywhere as the Halving approaches. So what do the experts say about the Bitcoin price? Should you buy Bitcoin?Read more
bitcoin halving will happen in April 2024

The Bitcoin Halving - What is it and When Will it Happen?

The Bitcoin Halving is a big deal in the cryptocurrency world. But what does it mean and when does it happen? We explain the highlight of the crypto calendar.Read more
what is a bull market? what is a bear market? Bull and bear markets. Buy Bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin vs. Buy Bitcoin ETFs: A Comparative Analysis

Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin ETFs: There are clear advantages of buying Bitcoin directly versus investing in Bitcoin ETFs. Autonomy, security, and long-term potential actually favour personal ownership. Read more
buy BTC with credit card westpac

Buying Bitcoin? You Can Now Can Store it on a Hologram

Deciding whether to buy Bitcoin? This might help your decision: You could be storing it in a hologram in the near future.Read more
sim swap

Buying the Dip: When is the Right Time to Buy Bitcoin?

When should you buy Bitcoin? What does it mean to "buy the dip"? How does this investment strategy work?Read more
how to withdraw crypto from Binance, Australia

How to Withdraw Crypto from Binance: A Guide for Australians

Wondering how to withdraw your crypto from Binance? Here, we give you the skinny on how to do it. Read more
who is satoshi nakamoto

Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto, the Mysterious Bitcoin Creator?

The mysterious creator of Bitcoin has never been exposed... yet. Who is it?Here's what we know so far... Read more

Why Should You Buy Bitcoin? Top 10 Reasons To Consider

Why should you buy Bitcoin? Here are some compelling reasons why the crypto bros and the crypto sisters think BTC is a great investment.Read more
bitcoin halving effect on price, crypto

The Bitcoin Halving - What Happens to the Price of BTC?

The Bitcoin Halving event happens every four years. But what effect does it have on both the BTC price and on the cryptocurrency itself? Read more
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