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Bug Bounty

We take security seriously. Our bug bounty program offers Bitcoin rewards to anyone who discovers a new vulnerability in our code.

Find our flaws

What are we looking for?

Bug Bounty - Cross Site Scripting.svg

Cross-site scripting

Bug Bounty - Cross Site Request Forgery.svg

Cross-site request forgery

Bug Bounty - Remote Code Execution.svg

Remote code execution

Bug Bounty - Click Jacking.svg


Bug Bounty - Code Injection.svg

Code injection

Bug Bounty - Leaks of Sensitive Data.svg

Leaks of sensitive data

How it works

In order to claim a bug bounty, you must:

  • Discover an entirely unknown vulnerability.
  • Alert us before posting the bug anywhere else – and give us sufficient time to patch the issue.
  • Not use the exploit to steal money or data from CoinJar or its customers. If the exploit requires account access, you must use your own.

If you have any doubts or questions, email us at

Ineligible bounties

We don’t reward bounties for any vulnerabilities not under our direct control. For example:

  • Social engineering
  • Issues requiring physical access to hardware
  • Vulnerabilities in 3rd party software (Ruby, nginx, etc)
  • Denial of Service
  • Usability issues

Report a bug

Please fill out the form below to report an issue. Include as much detail about the exploit as you can and a BTC address for us to send the reward to. Our Security Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your information is handled in accordance with CoinJar’s Privacy Policy.

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Your information is handled in accordance with CoinJar’s Privacy Policy.

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