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What is Quant?

Buy Quant Network (QNT): Quant Network and its QNT token are simplifying blockchain connections for businesses and everyday users. How? Imagine if all video game consoles could play together. That's what Quant Network is trying to do, but for blockchains (the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin).

Why should blockchains talk?

Blockchains are great for security, but they often work alone. This means it's hard to share information or use different cryptocurrencies together. Quant Network is like a universal translator, making it easier for different blockchains to understand each other.

QNT token: The fuel of the network

QNT is the special token that powers Quant Network. It's like the coins you need to play arcade games. Developers buy QNT to build new apps on the network, and users can hold QNT as an investment.

If you use cryptocurrency, Quant Network could make things easier in the future. It might mean faster transactions, more options for trading, and even new apps that use different blockchains together. Think of it like being able to use your phone anywhere in the world without worrying about roaming charges.

Important points about QNT

The network is a project that aims to connect different blockchains.

The QNT token is the digital currency that powers the Quant Network.

It means easier interaction between blockchains, and there is potential for new apps and services.

Is it worth investing in QNT?

Do your own research and understand the technology before buying QNT.

How to buy QNT on CoinJar

Create a CoinJar Account: If you don't have one, sign up for a free account on CoinJar.

Verify Your Identity: For security, you'll need to verify your identity with some personal details.

Deposit Funds: Add money to your CoinJar account using a bank transfer or debit card.

Search for QNT: In the CoinJar marketplace, type "QNT" in the search bar.

Buy QNT: Select the amount of QNT you want to buy and click "Buy."

Store Your QNT: Your QNT will be safely stored in your CoinJar wallet.

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Bank transfer, debit card or crypto?

Buy Quant instantly with your bank account, Visa or Mastercard debit card. Get cash in your account with ACH. Convert crypto-to-crypto with a single click.

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Frequently asked questions

What are QNT tokens used for?

QNT tokens are the fuel of the Network. They're used to access and build applications on the network, like buying tickets to a concert.

How is Quant Network (QNT) helping to connect blockchains?

The Network acts as a bridge between different blockchain networks, making it easier for them to share information and work together, much like a universal translator for languages.

Who are the founders?

Gilbert Verdian and Paolo Tasca are the co-founders of Quant Network, bringing a wide variety of experience in technology and finance to the project.

What is Overledger, and how does it relate to Quant Network (QNT)?

The operating system Overledger is the blockchain operating system developed by Quant Network. It's like the Windows or iOS for blockchains, making it easier to build and run multi-chain applications.

Where can I buy Quant (QNT)?

You can buy Quant (QNT) on cryptocurrency exchanges like CoinJar and others.

What is the difference between Quant Network, Quant (QNT), and QNT tokens?

Quant Network is the overall project, Quant (QNT) refers to the cryptocurrency itself, and QNT tokens are the individual units of that cryptocurrency.

How are smart contracts used on Quant Network (QNT)?

Smart contracts are self-executing agreements that run on Quant Network, enabling secure and automated transactions and processes.

What is the potential impact of Quant Network (QNT) on blockchain networks?

Quant Network could revolutionise how blockchain networks interact, potentially leading to more efficient and interconnected systems.

What is distributed ledger technology (DLT), and how is it used in Quant Network (QNT)?

DLT is the underlying technology behind blockchains, and Quant Network leverages it to create a more interconnected and interoperable blockchain ecosystem.

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