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What is

Why do investors buy (YFI)?, also known as Yearn, is a ‘toolbox’ for people who use cryptocurrencies. It helps them earn interest from their digital assets.

What Is How does it work?

Yearn operates on the Ethereum blockchain. It also works with other decentralised exchanges like Balancer and Curve. Its main job is to help people make more money from their crypto assets by using DeFi (which stands for Decentralised Finance).

Vaults: Maximising yield offers a range of vaults where users can deposit their tokens to earn yield. These vaults automatically move assets between different DeFi lending protocols (such as Aave and Compound) to maximise returns.

By doing so, users benefit from higher yields without actively managing their assets.

Governance participation’s native token is YFI. Holders of YFI have the opportunity to participate in governance decisions. This means they can vote on proposals related to the protocol’s development, changes, and upgrades. YFI holders play a crucial role in shaping the future of

yCRV and yETH Strategies

yCRV: provides a strategy called yCRV, which aims to achieve the best CRV (Curve) yields in DeFi. CRV is a stablecoin liquidity pool token, and Yearn optimises its returns for users.

yETH: For those holding Ethereum (ETH), offers a straightforward, risk-adjusted liquid staking yield strategy. Users can stake their ETH and earn rewards without locking it up for an extended period.

yPrisma: This is a protocol designed to enhance yield opportunities for digital assets. While the details of yPrisma are continually evolving, it aims to provide additional ways for users to earn yield within the Yearn ecosystem.

Why Is worth looking at?

Automated optimisation’s vaults automatically manage assets, ensuring users get the best returns without active intervention.

Community governance

YFI holders actively participate in shaping the protocol, fostering a decentralised decision-making process.

Diverse strategies

Yearn offers various strategies (like yCRV and yETH) to cater to different risk appetites and asset types.


The introduction of yPrisma demonstrates Yearn’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

How to Use

Connect Wallet: Visit the website and connect your wallet.

Explore Vaults: Browse the available vaults, choose one that suits your preferences, and deposit your tokens.

Earn Yield: Let’s automated strategies do the work for you. Monitor your earnings and participate in governance if you hold YFI.

Conclusion: Buy Yearn.Finance (YFI) is a DeFi protocol that optimises yield, is run by its community, and offers innovative strategies for crypto enthusiasts. Whether you’re a yield seeker or a governance enthusiast, Yearn is worth looking into.

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Transfer funds from your bank account using bank transfer, PayID, or Osko.

Once your account is funded, you can buy YFI directly using cash or credit card.

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Frequently asked questions

What is

The Yearn Finance Protocol, commonly referred to as Yearn, is a decentralised finance (DeFi) protocol launched in February 2020. It aims to optimise yield for crypto assets by automating yield farming strategies across various DeFi protocols.

How does work?

Automated Yield Farming: leverages automated yield farming strategies. It actively moves users’ funds between different DeFi protocols to maximise returns without manual intervention.

Smart Contracts: Yearn operates on Ethereum through smart contracts. These contracts execute predefined actions based on predefined conditions.

Token Holdings Dictate Governance: YFI holders have governance rights. Their token holdings dictate decisions related to protocol upgrades and changes.

What is YFI?

Native Token: YFI is’s native governance token.

Fixed Supply: There are only 30,000 YFI tokens in existence.

Why is YFI valuable?

Interest Rates: YFI holders can earn interest by participating in governance and staking their tokens.

Automated Market Maker (AMM): integrates with AMMs like Curve and Balancer to optimise yield.

Decentralised Finance (DeFi): is at the forefront of DeFi innovation, enabling users to earn YFI tokens while contributing to the ecosystem.

How can I use

Connect Wallet: Visit the website and connect your Ethereum wallet (e.g., MetaMask).

Explore Vaults: Choose a vault based on your risk appetite and deposit your tokens.

Earn YFI Tokens: Let’s automated strategies work for you, and earn YFI tokens in return.

What are DeFi protocols?

DeFi protocols refer to a set of decentralised financial applications built on blockchain networks.

These protocols aim to provide financial services such as lending, borrowing, trading, and yield farming without relying on traditional intermediaries like banks.

What is automated yield farming?

Automated yield farming is the process of automatically optimising returns on crypto assets by moving them between different DeFi platforms. achieves this through its vaults, which actively manage users’ funds.

What is an Automated Market Maker (AMM)?

An Automated Market Maker (AMM) is a type of decentralised exchange that uses algorithms to determine asset prices. AMMs facilitate liquidity provision and trading without relying on order books.

How does governance work in the protocol?

Governance Token: YFI serves as’s governance token. Holders can vote on proposals related to protocol changes, upgrades, and other decisions.

YFI Holders: YFI holders actively participate in shaping the protocol’s future.

What about interest rates?

Yearn’s strategies aim to maximise yield, which often translates to higher interest rates for users. Vaults automatically allocate assets to protocols offering the best returns.

Who created

Yearn was created by Andre Cronje, a prominent figure in the DeFi space. His innovative approach has contributed significantly to the project’s success.

What’s YFI’s all-time high price?

YFI’s all-time high price reflects its popularity and demand. As a scarce asset with only 30,000 tokens, YFI’s value surged due to its utility and governance rights.

How can I use YFI in the Yearn Ecosystem?

Staking: Stake YFI tokens to participate in governance decisions.

Vaults: Deposit tokens into’s vaults to earn YFI and other rewards. Explore Strategies: Learn about yCRV, yETH, and other strategies to optimise your yield.

What are native tokens?

Native tokens are cryptocurrencies that are native to a specific blockchain or protocol. In the case of, YFI serves as the native governance token, granting holders voting power and influence over the protocol’s development.

How does the yearn ecosystem function?

The Yearn ecosystem revolves around optimising yield for crypto assets. Here’s how it all fits together:

Vaults: Yearn’s vaults are automated yield farming strategies. Users deposit tokens into these vaults, and Yearn dynamically allocates them across various DeFi protocols to maximise returns.

Decentralised Finance (DeFi): is a key player in the DeFi space. It enables users to earn YFI tokens while actively participating in governance decisions.

Fixed Supply: With a fixed supply of 30,000 YFI tokens, scarcity contributes to YFI’s value.

How can I earn YFI tokens?

Staking: Stake your YFI tokens to participate in governance proposals and earn rewards.

yCRV Strategy: Explore the yCRV strategy, which optimises CRV (Curve) yields.

yETH Strategy: If you hold Ethereum, consider the yETH strategy for liquid staking yield.

What role does Andre Cronje play?

Andre Cronje, the creator of, is a visionary developer in the DeFi world. His contributions to the project have been instrumental in its success.

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