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Buy Bitcoin: Why Online Businesses Should Accept BTC for Transactions

Why do people buy Bitcoin? In some cases, it could be to spend it! Here's why businesses should accept payment in BTC.
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There’s yet another reason to buy Bitcoin: That is, that an increasing number of online businesses are accepting it as payment. Your future customers probably plan to buy Bitcoin at some stage, but they plan to spend it as well. If you have an online business it could be time to think about accepting Bitcoin as well as fiat.

Let’s have a dive into the main advantages for those with an online business.

Chargeback-proof transactions

Chargeback fraud occurs when a fraudster makes a legitimate purchase with their credit card. The fraudster then contacts their credit card company or bank, claiming the purchase was fraudulent.

The credit card company cancels the charge, leaving the merchant without payment and without the product that has already been sent to the fraudster.

Unlike credit card payments, Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. Once funds are transferred, they can’t be accessed or reversed without the merchant’s consent. So as a merchant, you can refund the customers whose claims are fair and legal, and avoid this kind of chargeback fraud.

Low transaction fees. Sort of.

Usually Bitcoin operates directly between buyers and sellers, bypassing middlemen. As a result, transaction fees are significantly lower than those associated with credit cards. Imagine paying close to zero fees for processing BTC payments!

With a catch... at the time of writing (April 2024) Bitcoin fees have skyrocketed. Although Bitcoin transaction fees have been quite steep lately (reaching as high as $400 over the weekend), there’s a potential solution: The Lightning Network.

By setting up Lightning channels and connecting them to well-established nodes, businesses can significantly reduce transaction costs for their customers. This way, customers won’t be burdened by hefty fees, making Bitcoin a more attractive payment option.

It's important to remember that the fees to send Bitcoin are paid by customers looking to purchase your goods or services - it generally doesn't cost your business any fees to receive cryptocurrency.

This means that you can generally avoid paying point of sale or credit card acceptance fees for your business. However, there may be fees depending on which payment provider you use to receive Bitcoin for your business.

Attracting a new customer base

Accepting Bitcoin widens your reach. More consumers are using BTC to buy goods and services. While the majority of Bitcoin users have typically been male Millennials, these demographics are expanding as Bitcoin adoption grows. In fact, Generation X, when they do invest, drop a whole lot more cash on crypto than any other generation.

buy bitcoin, merchants, payment in Bitcoin, crypto payment

How to get started with Bitcoin payments

If you already have an ecommerce site, integrating Bitcoin payments is easier than you think.

Choose a BTC payment processor

Most ecommerce platforms offer existing integrations with Bitcoin payment processors. For example, Shopify accepts BTC payments through payment partners.

Educate customers

Inform your customers about the benefits of paying with Bitcoin. Highlight its security, low fees, and the fact that it’s a decentralised currency.

Bitcoin acceptance

Show how forward-thinking you are by displaying the “Bitcoin Accepted Here” logo prominently on your website.

You could even consider offering discounts for customers who choose BTC.

The Future of Bitcoin in Ecommerce

As Bitcoin adoption continues to grow, by embracing Bitcoin, your business can stay ahead of the curve and cater to a tech-savvy audience who love using digital currency.

Bitcoin is a transformative payment option that aligns with the future of ecommerce. Not only do your potential customers plan to buy Bitcoin, they plan to spend it too. Now all you have to do is convince them to spend it with you.

buy bitcoin, businesses, online merchants, accept bitcoin, bitcoin payment

Frequently asked questions

What is Bitcoin, and how does it relate to ecommerce?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that operates on a decentralized network called the blockchain. Ecommerce businesses can accept Bitcoin as a payment method alongside traditional fiat currencies.

Why should online retailers consider accepting Bitcoin?

By integrating Bitcoin into their ecommerce stores, retailers can tap into a broader customer base. Accepting cryptocurrency payments opens up new markets and attracts tech-savvy consumers.

How do crypto transactions differ from fiat currency transactions?

Cryptocurrency transactions occur directly between parties without intermediaries like banks. In contrast, fiat currencies rely on centralized payment processing systems.

What are the benefits of accepting crypto payments?

Low transaction fees: Bitcoin transactions have minimal fees compared to accepting credit cards.

Chargeback protection: Irreversible transactions reduce fraud risks for merchants.

What role does blockchain technology play in Bitcoin transactions?

The blockchain ensures transparency, security, and immutability. It records all Bitcoin transactions, making them traceable and tamper-proof.

How does Bitcoin handle price volatility?

While Bitcoin’s value can fluctuate significantly, some businesses choose to convert BTC to fiat immediately upon receipt to mitigate price volatility.

Is Bitcoin a viable form of payment for ecommerce?

Absolutely! Bitcoin is more than a trend; it’s a legitimate form of payment. Accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies positions your business for the future.

What steps can ecommerce merchants take to accept Bitcoin?

Choose a reliable payment processing solution that integrates with your platform. Educate customers about the benefits of paying with Bitcoin.

Prominently display “Bitcoin Accepted Here” on your website.

What is Bitcoin, and why should my business accept it?

Bitcoin is a digital asset, a decentralised form of currency that operates on blockchain technology.

Accepting Bitcoin can make your business more competitive, attract new customers, and potentially reduce payment processing fees.

Is it safe to buy and sell Bitcoin?

Yes, buying and selling Bitcoin is generally safe. However, it’s essential to use reputable crypto exchanges like CoinJar and follow security best practices. Consider using cold storage solutions to protect your holdings.

Who created Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was introduced by an anonymous person or group using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. It remains a mystery who Satoshi Nakamoto truly is.

How can I buy Bitcoin?

You can easily buy Bitcoin through CoinJar. CoinJar is a user-friendly exchange that makes it easy to buy and trade Bitcoin using fiat.

What’s the current price of Bitcoin?

The price of Bitcoin fluctuates constantly. Check at the top of this page or on crypto marketplaces for real-time updates on its value.

Can I use Bitcoin for peer-to-peer transactions?

Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer nature allows direct transactions without intermediaries like financial institutions. It’s a borderless way to transfer value.

How do I store my Bitcoin securely?

Consider using hardware wallets or secure software wallets for cold storage. These protect your Bitcoin from online threats.

Why should my online business accept Bitcoin?

Accepting Bitcoin diversifies your payment options, attracts tech-savvy customers, and positions your business as forward-thinking.

How can businesses benefit from accepting payments in stablecoins?

Stablecoins, like other cryptocurrencies, aren’t trapped by geographical boundaries. Businesses can accept payments from customers worldwide without the limitations imposed by traditional banking systems.

Stablecoins are compatible with existing traditional payment systems. This means that businesses can seamlessly integrate stablecoin payments into their existing infrastructure without major disruptions.

And, stablecoin transactions can be processed and settled quickly. Most blockchains confirm transactions within seconds or just a few minutes. So businesses that accept stablecoins could potentially have a greater global reach.

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