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CoinJar's Crypto and Bitcoin OTC Desk

CoinJar OTC Trading Desk: The Confidence of Using a Six-Star White-Glove Service Where The Trades are Done for you. CoinJar OTC provides fast, secure and personalised access to Bitcoin, Ethereum and 60 other cryptocurrencies for transactions over $50,000.

Your personal trading desk

Australia's best OTC pricing

Low fees, rapid quotes and flexible settlement periods mean you can make large trades with confidence.
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Concierge service

Our dedicated and responsive OTC trading desk will guide you every step of the way, ensuring your trades go through quickly, securely and at the best possible price.
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Globally sourced liquidity

We tap liquidity sources from all over the world so that we can execute your trades quickly and with almost zero slippage.
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Multi-currency trading

Trade BTC, ETH and 50 of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies against USD, AUD, GBP and stablecoins.

Buy and sell 60+ major cryptocurrencies

Secure, private & encrypted

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Fraud protection

We employ multi-level data encryption, security audits and best practice organisation security to protect customer accounts. Our Support team uses advanced machine learning to recognise suspicious logins, account takeovers and financial fraud.
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Asset security

Our assets are secured by BitGo and Fireblocks, two of the most respected custody providers in the cryptocurrency space. We maintain full currency reserves at all times, with sufficient assets to cover more than 100% of our customer balances.
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Trusted exchange

CoinJar is one of the longest-running exchanges on the planet, operating with no downtime since 2013. We’re backed by some of the world’s top investors and are fully registered and compliant with AUSTRAC and the Financial Conduct Authority UK.
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Understanding OTC Desks. What Are OTC Desks?

CoinJar over-the-counter (OTC) provides personalised access to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 60 other cryptocurrencies for transactions over $50,000. The CoinJar OTC desk caters to investors seeking large-scale trades with the utmost confidence and efficiency.

Understanding OTC Desks. What Are OTC Desks?

Over-the-counter desks are specialised platforms where buying and selling cryptocurrencies occurs directly between parties, bypassing traditional exchanges.

Unlike public exchanges, over-the-counter desks facilitate off-exchange transactions, offering several advantages.


OTC desks allow users to execute trades without impacting market prices or revealing their intentions publicly. OTC transactions shield personal information and trading strategies from public scrutiny.


These desks tap into globally sourced liquidity, ensuring swift execution with minimal slippage.

Personalised Service

Over-the-counter desks provide a concierge-like experience, guiding users through the process and tailoring solutions to their needs.

Large Trades

Over-the-counter desks cater to institutional investors, high-net-worth individuals, and businesses looking to transact substantial amounts of cryptocurrency.

Reduced Impact

By avoiding public exchanges, users prevent market disruption caused by large orders.

Price Control

Over-the-counter desks negotiate prices directly, allowing users to secure favourable rates.

Multi-currency trading

Trade BTC, ETH, and 50 other leading cryptocurrencies against USD, GBP, EUR, AUD and stablecoins.


CoinJar employs advanced encryption and follows best practices to safeguard customer accounts.

Established reputation

CoinJar, established in 2013, has a solid track record and high-profile investors back it.

In Summary

CoinJar’s OTC Trading Desk combines personalised service, global liquidity, and robust security. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a newcomer, our platform empowers you to navigate the crypto markets with confidence.

If you start trading with CoinJar OTC, you can access liquidity for large Bitcoin and crypto trades above $50,000, all while enjoying flexible settlement options.


Frequently asked questions

What is OTC crypto trading?

Over-the-counter or OTC crypto trading is a personalized type of trade designed to make it easier to conduct large trades (more than $50,000)

What are the advantages of OTC crypto trading?

OTC crypto trading helps you avoid any liquidity issues that might arise through making a large transaction. Rather than depending on there being enough supply to satisfy your buy or sell at the price you want, with an OTC trade you’re given a guaranteed price and CoinJar executes the trade on your behalf.

What are the limits for OTC trading?

The minimum amount for an OTC trade is $50,000. The upper limit is, well, we haven’t found it yet.

What is the difference between OTC and exchange trading?

In exchange trading you make an offer to buy or sell an amount of crypto at a certain price.

If there’s not enough liquidity to fulfil the transaction, you may be forced to drop or raise the price in order to complete your trade.

OTC trading takes the uncertainty out by giving you a single, guaranteed price at which your trade will execute.

How do I become eligible for OTC Trading?

Anyone can engage in OTC trading, as long as they’re able to trade a minimum of $50,000. Simply reach out to us using the form on this page and we’ll let you know how we can help.

How do I register for OTC trading?

You don’t need to register for OTC trading. Simply reach out to us using the form on this page and we’ll let you know how we can help.

What fees are associated with OTC trading?

Unlike normal CoinJar transactions, there is no transaction fee when trading with the OTC desk. The quoted price is all-inclusive.

What is CoinJar's OTC desk?

It is a specialized service offered by CoinJar, one of a leading cryptocurrency exchanges, providing over-the-counter trading solutions for institutional and high-net-worth individuals.

How does CoinJar's over-the-counter desk differ from regular crypto exchanges?

While regular crypto exchanges facilitate peer-to-peer trading among users to buy and sell digital assets, CoinJar's over-the-counter desk offers personalized, high-volume trading services outside the conventional exchange order book.

Can I use debit cards or credit cards to buy cryptocurrency through CoinJar's over-the-counter desk?

CoinJar's over-the-counter desk primarily caters to institutional clients and high-net-worth individuals for large-volume transactions.

While cards may be used on the CoinJar cryptocurrency exchange, they can’t be used for over-the-counter transactions due to the large amounts involved.

Does CoinJar's over-the-counter desk support trading in the United States?

CoinJar's over-the-counter desk may have restrictions or limitations regarding trading activities in the United States due to regulatory considerations.

CoinJar can accept deposits and withdrawals in GBP, EUR and AUD with banks based in the UK, Europe and Australia.

What types of digital assets can I trade?

CoinJar's over-the-counter desk supports trading in various digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more than 60 cryptocurrencies with significant market cap and liquidity.

How does CoinJar's OTC desk determine cryptocurrency prices for trading?

Cryptocurrency prices on CoinJar's OTC desk are determined based on market conditions, liquidity, volatility and prevailing cryptocurrency prices, with prices often reflecting those observed on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Can I use my crypto wallets for transactions through CoinJar's OTC desk?

While CoinJar's OTC desk may require the use of designated wallets for transactions, clients can typically transfer digital assets to and from their existing crypto wallets once a trade is completed.

Is CoinJar's OTC desk involved in peer-to-peer trading?

CoinJar's OTC desk facilitates trading between institutional clients and high-net-worth individuals, providing personalised services that may involve direct counterparties but not necessarily peer-to-peer trading in the traditional sense.

How can I buy Bitcoin through CoinJar's OTC desk?

To buy Bitcoin or other digital assets through CoinJar's OTC desk, clients typically engage in direct negotiations with the desk's traders or representatives to execute large-volume transactions outside the public order books of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Are transactions through CoinJar's over-the-counter desk subject to the same cryptocurrency prices as regular exchanges?

Transactions through CoinJar's over-the-counter desk may be subject to different pricing models and fee structures compared to regular cryptocurrency exchanges, reflecting the personalised nature and high-volume nature of OTC trading services.

What are OTC markets?

Generally speaking, an over-the-counter market is where market participants trade crypto, stocks, commodities, currencies, or other instruments directly between two parties.

Unlike traditional exchanges, over-the-counter markets do not have physical locations; instead, people involved can trade cryptocurrency electronically.

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