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Aug 2018
The Rub
The index approach to digital currency investment

Cryptocurrency trading company CoinJar has joined the growing number of local groups offering managed cryptocurrency funds, with the launch of the first local fund offering exposure to the asset class through an index portfolio. Read more...

Jul 2018
The Australian
CoinJar adds portfolio play to its collection

It will give portfolio managers and wholesale investors a chance to diversify their portfolio. There's a space in the market for a cheap way for wholesale investors to access cryptocurrencies. Read more...

Jul 2018
Sky News
CoinJar emerges as Australia's most popular bitcoin wallet

Tech startup CoinJar has emerged to become one of the central cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia since beginning operations five years ago. Asher Tan co-founder of CoinJar spoke to Sky News Business on the future of the business and on regulatory crackdowns. Read more...

Mar 2018
How Asia's Entrepreneurs Are Disrupting The Finance Industry

Ryan Zhou, 23, cofounded CoinJar, an Australian personal finance platform that bills itself as the simplest way to buy, sell and manage bitcoin using traditional currency. Read more...

Feb 2018
Bitcoin for buying juice? Only in Australia

Boost Juice for the competition is teaming up with CoinJar, an Australian cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy and sell bitcoin, ethereum, rpple and litecoin. Read more...

Jan 2018
Qantas 'Talking Business' podcast with Alan Kohler

Asher Tan - a successful AngelCube alumnus and CEO of Australia's favourite bitcoin company, CoinJar. He discusses the world of cryptocurrency. Read more...

Dec 2017
ABC News
Bitcoin enters the mainstream

In terms of trading volumes, CoinJar has been a 10-fold increase over the last 12 months and more than doubled user numbers. Read more...

Dec 2017
Sydney Morning Herald
I didn't take them seriously at first': how Tom joined the bitcoin boom

CoinJar has an EFTPOS card that lets you spend bitcoin at 950,000 Eftpos terminals throughout Australia, or withdraw as cash at any ATM with no monthly charges. Read more...

Jul 2017
CoinJar is the Aussie enterprise bringing Bitcoin into the everyday realm

The best bits of feedback come from users who have been with us the longest. Seeing our first 50 users (CoinJar has >150,000 now) still providing suggestions four years later lets us know that we have been doing something right. Read more...

Dec 2016
Financial Review
Inside Australia's fintech future

Coinjar, Australia's pre-eminent bitcoin exchange, has taken on 20,000 new users in 2015, taking the total to 60,000. This year it has facilitated $30 million in transactions. Read more...

Jul 2015
WIRED Money: CoinJar is a one-stop shop for all your Bitcoin needs

We expect to see a growing ecosystem of digital assets. So we imagine that a digital wallet in 2020 might contain one or two national currencies, some bitcoin, some mobile minutes, maybe even some contracts... Read more...

Mar 2015
A coffee with Asher Tan and Ryan Zhou, CoinJar co-founders

CoinJar is Australia’s biggest Bitcoin company, with a comprehensive product offering and a global outlook. Our focus is on end to end solutions for consumers to manage and use their bitcoin. Read more...

Feb 2015
Business Insider
CoinJar is letting Bitcoin users hedge against fluctuations. Here's how it works

Hedged Accounts allow users to peg the price of Bitcoin against the fiat currency of their choice — Australian dollars, US dollars, pounds or the euro. Read more...

Feb 2015
ABC News
Tech startups may help plug mining hole

Analysts say technology start-up companies may help to plug in the gaps left in its wake, though a point of weakness is recognising where to invest and how to identify high-potential opportunities. Read more...

Feb 2015
CoinJar to reveal Bitcoin volatility salve

Australian bitcoin exchange Coinjar will unveil plans to fix the value of the highly volatile cryptocurrency for its clients and offer conversion to a range of different CURRENCIES... Read more...

Feb 2015
CoinJar Swipe Bitcoin Debit Cards Now Available

Australian bitcoin services company CoinJar has opened up its debit card service CoinJar Swipe to the general public. Read more...

Feb 2015
Coinjar Launches New Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin iPhone App

To make managing bitcoin easier, CoinJar has launched the CoinJar Touch app for iOS today. Now CoinJar users can buy, spend or cash out to a bank account from their iPhone. Read more...

Dec 2014
The Australian
Aussie Bitcoin start-up CoinJar moves to the UK

CoinJar has officially reincorporated as a UK company, CoinJar UK Ltd, and has taken up residence at Europe’s largest financial technology accelerator, Level 39 at Canary Wharf in London. Read more...

Sep 2014
Australia's First Bitcoin EFTPOS Card Will Allow You To Buy Your Groceries

An Australian company is trialling a bitcoin EFTPOS card, allowing customers to spend the digital currency in retail stores. CoinJar is taking the next step to make bitcoin more accessible to the public with the release of Swipe cards. Read more...

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