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Digital currencies transform the way money flows within and between communities, for the everyday and the extraordinary. Our customers join a community of millions of people worldwide who choose to make alternative finance a part of their personal and professional lives. Here are their stories.

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”In an unfamiliar city, CoinJar gave me instant access to my money. Given the situation I was in, it also meant I could eat that night.“

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Electron Workshop

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It's global, and it's an evolution. It's more than just money.

With bitcoin, I look forward to a more decentralised future. One which allows for transparency in governments, while providing privacy for individuals. Where elections are provably fair, where charities receive 100% of the funds donated and where financial services are available to everyone and anyone.

Auryn MacmillanMelbourne United Basketballer and CoinJar enthusiast

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”Organic farming is critical to our economy. We’re working with CoinJar to support the future of our farmers.“

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Deloitte Australia

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Auryn Macmillan

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