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Buy Bitcoin Today Because Your 2042 Self May Need It

Should you buy Bitcoin for the far future? Here's a hypothetical situation that may point to "yes".
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“Buy Bitcoin in UK today” said the ad for CoinJar. That was in 2024, and the ad appealed to Maya. She certainly did buy Bitcoin. In fact, she threw in everything she had and bought a whole Bitcoin for £54,000. It was a risk for sure, but she wanted to invest in her future.


Maya woke up to the gentle hum of her smart house turning on. She left her husband to sleep, and crept into the main living room so as not to wake her kids.

The holographic display flickered to life, sensing that she was up. Maya whispered for it to show her the dreamhouse she wanted to buy on Mars.

A hologram of her dreamhouse appeared. It had a breathtaking view of the red Martian landscape bathed in the soft glow of the two setting moons, Phobos and Deimos.

Maya stretched, and asked for the smart house to display her total Bitcoin holdings. The hologram showed Maya’s Bitcoins now worth one million Pounds for the first time, so her bags were full!

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Investors buy Bitcoin early

Maya jumped up in delight. Her Bitcoin holdings had grown exponentially since she had first invested in 2024. Since then, the world had embraced the cryptocurrency as a global currency. And today, in 2042, Bitcoin had hit the amount that she needed to buy a subsidised house on Mars.

The value of her initial investment had skyrocketed since she first bought Bitcoin in 2024. Bitcoin's limited supply had proven to be its greatest strength. It had outlasted countless economic crises, wars, and natural disasters.

Governments and banks had to concede that it was a superior tool when compared to traditional currencies. It actually didn’t matter what the banks and governments did, people just started to use Bitcoin anyway.

At first, Bitcoin was a parallel currency. Then people just stopped using normal money altogether. Bitcoin was the last currency standing.

Bitcoin price rises

Today was an important day for Maya. She could purchase her dream house in Mars City, a planned metropolis carved into the Martian rock. She called her real estate agent, a holographic avatar named Alex, who immediately materialised in her living room.

"Good morning, Maya.” Maya answered, “I would like to buy the house on Mars today.” Alex said, "Great! This is a prime piece of real estate. A corner house with panoramic views of Olympus Mons. Prefabricated on the red planet by Tesla bots to a luxurious standard, as you saw on your virtual tour. It’s a good day to buy.”

Paying in Bitcoin

Maya transferred a single Bitcoin to Alex. While the price of Bitcoin had risen so much in the past 20 years, Maya had bought her Bitcoin years ago in 2024. So now, today, the purchase was totally possible as the price of Bitcoin had risen so sharply. And, of course, the cost of housing in Mars City was subsidised, so it certainly was a good day to buy.

The Bitcoin was transferred instantly across the interplanetary network, thanks to the powerful StarLink antennas that dotted the Martian landscape.

"Congratulations, Maya!" Alex exclaimed. "You are now the proud owner of a Martian house. Is this for investment or will you live in it?” “Thanks Alex, we will live in it. Please book a SpaceX flight for my family today."

Alex nodded, and his holographic form disappeared.

In retrospect

Maya sat down on her couch, thinking about how a decision years ago could have changed her life so much. The dream that had seemed so far-fetched in 2024 was now a reality. She had taken a chance on Bitcoin, and it had paid off wildly. She was delighted with herself.

Maya's thoughts drifted back to that CoinJar ad that had sparked her initial interest. She remembered the feeling of hope when she first invested. Because she had trusted her instincts, she was now reaping the rewards.

A message flashed on her holographic display. It was from SpaceX, confirming their flight to Mars. Maya smiled, her heart filled with excitement. A new chapter in her family's life was about to begin, a chapter made possible by a single Bitcoin purchased in 2024.

As the sun began to rise in the UK, Maya knew one thing for sure: Her 2042 self was incredibly grateful for the decision she had made all those years ago.

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Frequently asked questions

What payment methods does CoinJar accept to buy Bitcoin in the UK?

CoinJar accepts various payment methods, including bank account transfers and credit card payments to purchase Bitcoin.

How do investors decide on the amount of Bitcoin (BTC) to buy?

The amount of Bitcoin you buy depends on your budget and investment goals. Consider the current price of bitcoin and your risk tolerance. You don't have to buy a whole Bitcoin, you can buy part of one.

Is there a difference between buying Bitcoin (BTC) and buying bitcoin ETFs?

Yes. Buying Bitcoin (BTC) means you own the digital asset directly. Bitcoin ETFs are investment funds that track the price of bitcoin without requiring you to own it.

What are the trading fees involved in buying bitcoin (BTC) on CoinJar?

CoinJar has transparent trading fees, they are listed on the website.

What is the role of my bank account in buying Bitcoin (BTC) on CoinJar?

Your bank account is used to transfer funds to your CoinJar account to purchase Bitcoin.

What is identity verification and why is it necessary when buying Bitcoin in the UK?

Identity verification helps prevent fraud and ensures compliance with regulations. It's a standard procedure across all FCA-registered crypto exchanges. UK residents are required (in accordance with local legislation) to complete an assessment and to wait 24-hours (see below).

Can investors sell Bitcoin on CoinJar if the price of Bitcoin changes?

Yes, investors can sell Bitcoin on CoinJar at any time, regardless of the current price.

What happens to my Bitcoin (BTC) after I purchase it?

After purchase, your Bitcoin (BTC) is stored in a protective manner in your CoinJar digital wallet.

How can I protect my Bitcoin (BTC)?

After buying Bitcoin on CoinJar, consider these storage options:

CoinJar Wallet: CoinJar provides its own wallet service. It is convenient, however being an online wallet there is a risk that it may be a victim of a cyberattack. Online wallets are also called “hot wallets”.

External Wallets: If you want to hold on to your Bitcoin for a while, you can transfer your Bitcoin to an external wallet. Hardware wallets are also known as “cold wallets” (like Ledger or Trezor) and these are effective for long-term storage as they are offline and seriously difficult to hack.

CoinJar has been operating since 2013. CoinJar keeps the vast majority of customer assets in cold storage or private multi-sig wallets and maintains full currency reserves at all times.

What is blockchain technology, and how does it relate to Bitcoin?

Blockchain technology is the underlying technology behind Bitcoin. It's a decentralised ledger that records all bitcoin transactions, ensuring transparency and security.

Can investors buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC) on CoinJar?

Yes, CoinJar allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin conveniently through their platform. Please note the price may fluctuate unexpectedly.

Are there other crypto exchanges besides CoinJar for buying Bitcoin?

Yes, there are several reputable crypto exchanges where you can buy Bitcoin (BTC). CoinJar however has a great reputation.

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