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Solana (SOL) Price Prediction: Can It Scale New Heights?

"A 300% rise in the last 12 months has seen Solana firmly entrench itself as a top five coin by market cap,” CEO of CoinJar, Asher Tan, tells Forbes Advisor.Read more
The Chainsaw

Australians Bought More Bitcoin Last Night Than At Any other Time in 2023

Our CMO, Dominic Gluchowski, speaking to The Chainsaw. “Bitcoin’s price has soared to its highest level in over a year, and with over three times the trading volume since just yesterday, we’re on the edge of a new crypto bull market."Read more

UK's New Crypto Regulations to Be Effective on October 8, 2023

Our CEO, Asher Tan, discusses the upcoming crypto regulations, which extend globally to businesses and individuals that promote crypto services and have broad implications and heavy penalties for those who do not comply.Read more
That Investing Podcast

The Upcoming UK Crypto Regulations by the FCA

Our CEO, Asher Tan, discusses the upcoming crypto regulations by the FCA, the evolution of wallet security and shares his personal investment strategy.Read more
The Chainsaw

BlackRock, World’s Largest Asset Manager, Is Making A Huge Bitcoin Play

“Drawing from history, when the first US Gold ETF was launched, it led to a remarkable surge in gold price from $332 to an all-time high of $2,075, an average annual growth rate of 27.6%.” Our CMO, Dominic Gluchowski, speaking to The Chainsaw.Read more
The Chainsaw

CoinJar Is Offering A Way To Rebel Against Local Bank Crypto Blockades

Australian cryptocurrency platform CoinJar have just announced that their customers can now transfer and trade AUD, USD, EUR & GBP seamlessly between CoinJar wallets and foreign banks.Read more
The Australian

CoinJar is expanding to the US, CEO Asher Tan says

Our CEO, Asher Tan, sees opportunity in regulatory challenges and remains dedicated to making crypto accessible and useful for all since 2013.Read more
The Chainsaw

Bitcoin Bull Run Imminent? The Recent BTC Price Drop Could be a Red Herring

The Chainsaw spoke with Dominic Gluchowski, CoinJar's CMO, about the recent Bitcoin price action.Read more

CoinJar wins Best for Value in Finder's Crypto Trading Platform Awards for the second year in a row

This year CoinJar was named the Best Exchange for Value in the UK as part of Finder's Crypto Trading Platform Awards. It picked up a Highly Commended for the same category in Australia.Read more
The Financial Times

High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2023

The Financial Times has added CoinJar to the highly regarded fifth annual FT ranking of 500 high-growth Asia-Pacific companies. The comprehensive list showcases the top 500 firms in the region that have demonstrated noteworthy revenue growth. Read more
The Chainsaw

Is Now a Good Time to Buy Ethereum?

The Chainsaw spoke with Dominic Gluchowski, CoinJar's CMO, about what he thinks about Ethereum in short, medium and long term.Read more
The Times

The story of FTX: What happens when a cryptocurrency exchange collapses

CoinJar’s CEO, Asher Tan, spoke with The Times about FTX and what happens when a cryptocurrency exchange collapses.Read more

BitCourier interviews Asher Tan, Co-Founder of CoinJar

BitCourier spoke with Asher Tan, the founder of CoinJar, about the beginning of CoinJar, CoinJar Card, the current state of the market and managing risk in crypto. Read more

‘Crypto will build back stronger, better’: CoinJar looks ahead

"For operators and builders in this space it is still early and there remains plenty of opportunity for growth and impact."Read more
Private Internet Access Blog

An Interview With Asher Tan

PIA spoke with Asher Tan, the founder of CoinJar, about how CoinJar helps simplify the process of buying, selling, and spending cryptocurrency, some of the cybersecurity issues that are common with crypto, and some tips for crypto newbies. Read more

Sports sponsorship is helping legitimize crypto in Australia — CoinJar exec

Luke Ryan of CoinJar says sporting partnerships “helps shift the image of crypto away from the idea that it’s only there as speculative mania.”Read more

The ‘launch of a rocket’ — Observers on the future of Ethereum post-Merge

CEO of crypto exchange CoinJar, Asher Tan says the Merge is set to change the narrative around crypto more broadly, pointing out that it’s incredibly rare for a tech sector to “execute such a drastic reduction in their energy intensity.”Read more
The Australian

‘Reserve Bank will be last to the retail party’: Crypto experts react to the RBA’s CBDC development

Our Head of Content, Luke Ryan, was recently featured in The Australian to share his thoughts on RBA’s CBDC development.Read more
The Australian

Mastercard’s plan to be master of digital

Customers want crypto, says Seshadri, and already Mastercard has 25 programs and 60 partnerships including in Australia CoinJar, BTCMarkets and Fresh Supply Co.Read more
The Australian

Mastercard signs with Blockchain Australia

Mastercard has joined Blockchain Australia in a move that should further expand its reach in local digital finances.Read more
The Age

Australia’s first crypto exchange is not a typical success story

In 2013 when Australian entrepreneur Asher Tan started cryptocurrency exchange CoinJar, more than half of his job was simply explaining to users what Bitcoin was. Almost a decade later, that conversation happens much less often.Read more
The Australian Financial Review

Aussie crypto exchanges confident ‘winter’ will thaw

CoinJar CEO Asher Tan was featured on The Australian Financial Review to talk on crypto's current climate and the importance of operating certainty.Read more

Bitcoin Price Prediction: $81,680 in 2022, and $420,240 by 2030

According to a panel of experts, Bitcoin (BTC) will hit $80,000 this year. This will be a new all-time high. This is according to’s latest Bitcoin Price Predictions report.Read more

Crypto 2022: ‘The biggest year for crypto yet’ – The view from Binance, ByBit, BTCMarkets, IR, CoinJar and more

Stockhead reached out to CoinJar CEO Asher Tan to get a sense of what they expect for the coming year, as part of their weeklong Crypto 2022 series.Read more
The Australian Financial Review

Crypto exchanges face capital adequacy, ‘fit and proper’ manager laws

Cryptocurrency exchanges could be hit with capital adequacy rules and their managers subjected to “fit and proper person” tests in changes that could trigger a wave of consolidation in the unregulated industry while boosting investor protections.Read more
Herald Sun

Melbourne stars making bank in NFTs

These are the Melbourne artists, animators and investors making bank by making, trading and selling NFTs in the digital world.Read more
City A.M.

First crypto-to-pound debit card launched in the UK

The UK’s first crypto-to-pound credit card has been launched today alongside Mastercard. The new card – a collaboration between CoinJar and EML Payments – allows users to make purchases by converting cryptocurrencies into cash.Read more
Insider Sport

Insider Analysis: How the connection between NFTs and sports flourished

CoinJar CEO Asher Tan, discussed what drew his firm towards the sporting space and specifically towards Brentford, drawing parallels between the ‘community-driven’ nature of sports fans and crypto followers.Read more

Mastercard Teams Up With Three Asian Crypto Companies To Launch Bitcoin Payment Cards

Mastercard announced on Tuesday that it’s joining hands with Hong Kong’s crypto finance firm Amber Group, Thailand’s crypto exchange Bitkub and Australia’s trading platform CoinJar.Read more
Herald Sun

Australia set for cryptocurrency rules overhaul following Senate inquiry

Tax rules should be overhauled to be more friendly for the likes of bitcoin while digital currency exchanges could face tougher regulation, under proposals to shake up the industry.Read more
Financial Times

Australian lawmakers call for sweeping changes to crypto rules

Asher Tan, chief executive of CoinJar, said his company’s decision to open in the UK was more practical. “It was mostly because it was a larger market,” he said.Read more

Aussie Senate committee proposes overhaul of crypto taxes, DAOs and exchange licenses

The committee recommended more clarity for DAOs, new capital gains tax provisions and tax breaks for green miners.Read more
The Australian

Australia set for cryptocurrency rules overhaul following Senate inquiry

Meanwhile Asher Tan, the CEO of crypto wallet and exchange platform CoinJar, said “we applaud Senator Bragg and his team for the forward-thinking approach they’ve taken with this proposed regulatory framework.”Read more

Australian Digital Currency Exchanges take flight with overseas licensing!

Two of Australia's largest cryptocurrency exchanges have been granted regulatory licences overseas. Independent Reserve was approved by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) while CoinJar received registration from the United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).Read more
Import Export TV

The Rise of Cryptocurrency

As thousands of new digital coins enter the crypto market, David Brim, host of the Growth and Innovation show, looks at CoinJar – Australia’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange. Read more
BQ Prime

Move Over Mutual Funds, Here Come Crypto Investment Managers

Companies such as Mudrex, Revix, Triaconta, and CoinJar have started offering bundles of cryptocurrencies that emulate a managed fund.Read more

Bitcoin set to exceed $80K mark in 2022

CoinJar CEO Asher Tan provides a more conservative prediction, saying BTC will peak at $60 000 before dropping slightly to $56 000 by the end of the year.Read more
Nick Byrne

Blockchain, NFTs & the Metaverse with Dominic Gluchowski

Dominic Gluchowski is the CMO of one of Australia's most trusted and long running crypto-exchanges, CoinJar. In this conversation we talk about the current NFT interest and the emerging metaverse.Read more
Wharf Life

Canary Wharf: How cryptocurrency exchange CoinJar gives investors choices

Co-founder Asher Tan talks cycles, assets and why dipping a toe into crypto is something to experienceRead more
ausbiz TV

Crypto is not the Wild West, it's here for good

CoinJar's General Manager, James Elia spoke with AusBiz on their recent Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registration, the implications of regulation and the long-term certainty it brings.Read more
press-page_2021-10-Luke-stockhead (1).jpg

V-Con: Crypto – Life after going mainstream

Stockhead hosted an interview with CoinJar's Head of Content, Luke Ryan on their crypto-to-fiat Mastercard, future growth plans, and some trading advice on the current crypto market.Read more
The Australian Financial Review

Crypto exchange CoinJar win regulation offshore

CoinJar, which boasts about half a million users and roughly $1 billion of funds on the exchange, received registration from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) this week.Read more

Crypto City: guide to Melbourne

This “Crypto City” guide looks at Melbourne’s crypto culture, the city’s most notable projects and people, its financial infrastructure, which retailers accept crypto and where you can find blockchain education courses. As the longest-running exchange in Australia, headquartered in Melbourne - CoinJar got an honourable mention.Read more
The Sun

How to buy cryptocurrency? Full list of FCA approved platforms

Here we take a look at the platforms that have made it onto the Financial Conduct Authority's crypto register - and what this means for investors.Read more
press-page_2021-10_mondovisione (1).jpg
Mondo Visione

CoinJar Secures Financial Conduct Authority Registration

One of the world’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchanges, CoinJar UK Limited has been officially registered by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a Cryptoasset Exchange Provider and Custodian Wallet Provider.Read more
YouTube: Chris Palmer

CoinJar Review: The Best Place to Buy Crypto in the UK & AUS (Easy)

I wanted to share with you the app I've been using to buy all of my Crypto - CoinJar, I've had a fantastic experience so far and I've found it so easy to use. Read more
SEN Radio

Jordan Michaelides on SEN Play On

Our Head of Partnerships, Jordan Michaelides spoke on SEN Radio about the implications of COVID-19 on the crypto markets, CoinJar's partnership ventures, SMSFs, and some crypto recommendations.Read more
Nick Byrne

Monday Musings #4

This weeks musings focuses on blockchain, but not bitcoin rather NFTs and the metaverse. I was very lucky to spend some time discussing the latest in blockchain markets with Dominic Gluchowski, good friend and CMO of CoinJar.Read more
The Funtrepreneur Podcast

#3 CoinJar - bitcoin to the moon?

In this episode I am joined by Asher Tan, CEO of CoinJar - one of Australia's largest bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet providers. We discuss the origins of CoinJar, running a crypto related business and what the future might hold for bitcoin and CoinJar.Read more
Insider Sport

Crypto in football: engagement, education, and the significance of the community

The recent partnership struck between newly promoted Premier League club Brentford FC and cryptocurrency exchange CoinJar was heavily indicative of increasing collaboration between crypto and sporting sectors.Read more
APAC Blockchain

Blockchain technology to drive disruptive decentralised finance in Australia

APAC Blockchain spoke with Dominic Gluchowski, CMO of CoinJar, on how blockchain development in Australia will drive decentralised finance and the consequent disruption in the traditional finance sector.Read more

CoinJar’s Asher Tan: “People say software is eating the world; I guess crypto is as well”

Stockhead spoke to CoinJar CEO Asher Tan on the launch of their crypto Mastercard, CoinJar Card, and the recent sponsorship of newly promoted English Premier League side Brentford Football Club.Read more

Bitcoin coasts long-term moving average as investor holdings increase

CoinDesk spoke with Asher Tan, CEO of CoinJar, on the current crypto market and his outlook: “while bitcoin’s price is chopping around right now, the continued outperformance of certain altcoins makes us cautiously hopeful that this is simply a speed bump on the path to higher prices.”Read more
Payment Expert

Asher Tan: Crypto and sports share strong community driven parallels

In light of the increasing cooperation between professional football and crypto, Asher Tan, CEO of CoinJar - the cryptocurrency exchange platform which recently paired with Brentford FC of the Premier League - outlined the benefits to both sectors of greater cooperation.Read more

Top Australian crypto exchanges say they aren’t threatened by the bigger players

While total app downloads across both iOS and Google platforms show a rise in popularity among outside players, local incumbents remain unfazed. Dominic Gluchowski, CMO at CoinJar weighed in: “we still tend to outperform on a dollar-to-dollar basis due to better understanding of local market conditions and consumer preference for local support.Read more
Daily Mail

Talking football and Brentford with Hermann Hreidarsson

Our Ambassador, the legendary Hermann Hreidarsson from Brentford FC, previewed the 2021 Premier League season with CoinJar and recalls his season with Brentford.Read more

Australian Exchange CoinJar unveils first crypto Mastercard® in Australia

Australia’s longest-running crypto exchange has launched a card backed by Mastercard allowing users to buy, sell and spend digital assets directly from its platform using local dollars. CoinJar Card, which marks an Australian crypto first under the Mastercard brand.Read more

Aussie exchange CoinJar announces sponsorship of EPL newcomers

CoinJar, the Australian cryptocurrency exchange, has announced it will be a platinum partner of Brentford Football Club ahead of their debut season in the English Premier League.Read more

What are bitcoin debit cards?

Cryptocurrency cards are one of the biggest trends in the crypto scene right now - but the scene is still young in Australia. Canstar gives the lowdown on the market and key offerings - including our fully-featured CoinJar Card. Read more
Insider Sport

Brentford FC links with CoinJar ahead of top-flight return

Brentford FC has made its debut in the cryptocurrency space ahead of its first Premier League match against Arsenal, linking with cryptocurrency exchange CoinJar.Read more

CoinJar launches crypto-to-fiat Mastercard in Australia

EML Payments and CoinJar, Australia’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange, are taking crypto into the mainstream with CoinJar Card. CoinJar Card makes it simple for users to pay using cryptocurrency wherever Mastercard is accepted. Read more

Crypto markets: bitcoin back above $46K on low daily volume as altcoins outperform

Our CEO, Asher Tan spoke with Coindesk regarding the trends we’ve been experiencing within the crypto market. “We were seeing many investors taking advantage of recent market movements by taking profits,” said Tan. “There’s a trend of conservatism among users who jumped into crypto around similar price levels earlier in the year, with users slightly trimming their holdings.”Read more
The Motley Fool

How does the ATO know how much money I made from cryptocurrencies?

Digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are meant to be anonymous - however this doesn’t mean you can neglect your tax reporting obligations to the ATO. CoinJar weighed in with Motley Fool, explaining that “the ATO is very interested in your crypto transactions and will find out about them because they use sophisticated tracking software that has already helped them find hundreds of thousands of non-reporters.Read more
ausbiz TV

CoinJar launches Australia’s first cryptocurrency Mastercard®

CoinJar has teamed up with ASX-listed EML payments to offer customers a new crypto Mastercard. CoinJar Card allows users to spend their crypto like fiat currency, both in store and online. It’s first to market in Australia and brings cryptocurrency into the everyday.Read more
The Australian Financial Review

Cryptocurrencies chasing a license to thrill

Our Head of Partnerships, Jordan Michaelides, weighed in on the crypto regulatory debate. Cryptocurrency is continuing to grow as a financial asset class within the mainstream financial landscape - and we personally welcome regulation.Read more
Around the Blockchain Podcast

Jordan Michaelides on Around the Blockchain podcast

Our Head of Partnerships, Jordan Michaelides, was interviewed on the Around the Blockchain podcast to discuss our Melbourne Demons AFL sponsorship and what’s in store for CoinJar.Read more
Crypto News Australia

Buy crypto instantly with your Visa or Mastercard on CoinJar

CoinJar, Australia’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange, has partnered with global payments leader to launch fast, low-fee credit card purchases for its users in Australia and the UK.Read more
The Australian Financial Review

Sector needs regulatory clarity, access to talent

The fintech sector is in need of a regulatory framework to bolster innovation. Our Head of Partnerships, Jordan Michaelides, spoke with the AFR on growth opportunities that can result from increased regulation within cryptocurrency and fintech.Read more
Crypto News Australia

CoinJar Exchange launches 0% fees on all “taker” trades

CoinJar is pleased to announce that they’re now offering zero-fee taker trades through their CoinJar Exchange platform - becoming one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges in the world to offer zero fees for crypto-fiat trading.Read more
The Australian Financial Review

Dog eat Doge: AFL clubs cash in on crypto

Two top of the ladder clubs join the cryptocurrency craze, with CoinJar’s AFL-first sponsorship of the Melbourne Demons prompting CoinSpot to follow suit with Western Bulldogs.Read more
UK Chamber of Commerce

Australia and the UK’s Free Trade Agreement and its impacts on Fintech

Our General Manager, James Elia was invited to speak at a panel with the UK Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the City of Melbourne, to discuss the important bilateral relationship between the UK and Australia and their impacts on fintech, commerce and policy.Read more

CoinJar’s market-first sponsorship of the AFL Melbourne Demons live on air with Neil Mitchell

Our Head of Partnerships, Jordan Michaelides, spoke with Neil Mitchell on 3AW about our market-first sponsorship of the AFL Melbourne Demons on 20 May 2021.Read more
ausbiz TV

The future of Crypto: digital currency exchanges weigh in

Our Head of Partnerships, Jordan Michaelides spoke with AusBiz on the outlook of cryptocurrencies in 2021 from a digital currency exchange perspective.Read more
Blockchain Week Australia

Digital Currency Exchanges - The Australian Perspective

Our General Manager James Elia spoke on a panel representing national digital currency exchanges, and emphasised the pivotal role that crypto exchanges have in shaping the digital economy.Read more
The AFR Banking Summit

How banks and regulators are shaping the recovery

Our CEO Asher Tan, dialling in from London, discussing the future of payments alongside ANZ, PayPal, and Zip Co at The Australian Financial Review Banking Summit.Read more

CoinJar 2021 Review: What Is CoinJar?

With so many cryptocurrency exchanges out there, it is difficult to discern what is best for your needs and expectations. Find out why you should choose CoinJar.Read more
The Australian Financial Review

What life is like in cryptocurrency land

What are the early adopters of cryptocurrency up to now? They’re looking up, but they’re also looking far and wide as they build a new financial system.Read more
The Sydney Morning Herald

$60,000 and rising: How does bitcoin work and why is Elon Musk buying it?

What did two pizzas have to do with the beginnings of Bitcoin? Why is there so much fuss about it now? And why should you probably not buy it if you’re prone to forgetting passwords?Read more
The Sydney Morning Herald

Bitcoin rival Ethereum hits new heights as investors flock to cryptocurrencies

Usually investors will ... be looking at what to buy and then see that Bitcoin has gone up so much, so they will get the second-best thing." Our CEO, Asher Tan, discusses Ethereum soaring to a new all-time high.Read more
Australian Fintech

Fintech Australia announces CoinJar as a finalist in The 2020 Finnies

CoinJar was nominated as a finalist in The Finnies awards for excellence in establishing a global market presence alongside many other great companies including Afterpay, Zip Co, Airwallex, and Raiz Invest.Read more

Top-heavy bank sector holds back FinTech potential

It’s taken time for the regulator to understand that FinTechs are part of the coming ecosystem.” said Asher Tan. Mr Tan points to UK financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a body Australia could look at emulating.Read more
The Australian Financial Review

EML is working with CoinJar

"We will generate long-term shareholder value by partnering with fintechs … to support the payments aspect of their business and that disruption", Tom Cregan, CEO of EML Payments.Read more
Mondo Visione

Chainalysis Partners With Leading Australian Cryptocurrency Businesses

Chainalysis, the blockchain analysis company, today announced partnerships with leading Australia-based payments provider Assembly Payments and cryptocurrency exchange CoinJar to improve compliance standards.Read more

Australia’s Blockchain Roadmap Isn't Music to Everyone’s Ears

Asher Tan, CEO of CoinJar, argues that the roadmap is a great step forward, adding: “However, immediate action is still needed in order to push through meaningful legislation that can provide certainty and allow for Australian blockchain innovation to flourish.”Read more
Crowdfund Insider

Australia’s CoinJar Launches Cryptocurrency Mobile App For Android

CoinJar launched its mobile app for Android smartphones and to this day it claims to remain one of the only Australian digital currency exchanges to provide native apps for both iOS and Android.Read more
The Australian Financial Review

Westpac mess highlights broader tech struggle

"No Westpac schadenfreude from me; money as it is used today was not designed to be monitored to this extent and it is a byproduct of current times," says Asher Tan, the founder of AUSTRAC-regulated digital currency platform CoinJar.Read more
The Australian

Australia losing the digital currency battle

China’s apparent move into creating a national digital currency should be a wake-up call for Australia to look further than incremental updates in payments if it is to be competitive in the next currency battleground.Read more
The Australian

Crypto-critics banking on Facebook's privacy issues

Melbourne-based cryptocurrency exchange CoinJar co-founder Asher Tan said the crypto community will be hoping Libra manages to get off the ground. “The crypto community tends to be permanently bullish but Libra has captured wide interest,” Mr Tan said.Read more
Finovate Asher Ryan.jpg
The Chainsaw

Australian crypto exchanges are tring to break a deadlock with regulators on trading in digital assets

Crypto exchanges — the technology platforms that allow people to buy and sell cryptocurrencies — are among the leading advocates for a more comprehensive regulatory framework.Read more

'I Don't Trust Facebook With Anything:' The World Reacts to Facebook's Libra

“If it’s successful, it’s not just going to have the traditional qualities of a corporate currency like Westfield dollars or, Qantas Frequent Flyer points, it’s really a governance play,” said Asher Tan, founder of CoinJar.Read more
Asher Headshot.jpg
The Australian Financial Review

CoinJar founder tips 'stablecoin' as the next big thing in cryptocurrency

"The interesting thing right now, what's on everyone's lips, is what you call a stablecoin. A stablecoin is a coin pegged to a currency, usually the US dollar. It's a craze right now."Read more
The Australian

CoinJar adds portfolio play to its collection

It will give portfolio managers and wholesale investors a chance to diversify their portfolio. There's a space in the market for a cheap way for wholesale investors to access cryptocurrencies.Read more
asher sky.png
Sky News Australia

CoinJar emerges as Australia's most popular bitcoin wallet

Tech startup CoinJar has emerged to become one of the central cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia since beginning operations five years ago. Asher Tan co-founder of CoinJar spoke to Sky News Business on the future of the business and on regulatory crackdowns.Read more

How Asia's Entrepreneurs Are Disrupting The Finance Industry

Ryan Zhou, 23, cofounded CoinJar, an Australian personal finance platform that bills itself as the simplest way to buy, sell and manage bitcoin using traditional currency.Read more

Bitcoin for buying juice? Only in Australia

Boost Juice for the competition is teaming up with CoinJar, an Australian cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin.Read more
Screen Shot 2022-06-27 at 10.09.57 am.png

Qantas 'Talking Business' podcast with Alan Kohler

Asher Tan - a successful AngelCube alumnus and CEO of Australia's favourite bitcoin company, CoinJar. He discusses the world of cryptocurrency.Read more
wired coinjar.png

WIRED Money: CoinJar is a one-stop shop for all your Bitcoin needs

We expect to see a growing ecosystem of digital assets. So we imagine that a digital wallet in 2020 might contain one or two national currencies, some bitcoin, some mobile minutes, maybe even some contracts...Read more
Finovate Asher Ryan 2.jpg

A coffee with Asher Tan and Ryan Zhou, CoinJar co-founders

CoinJar is Australia’s biggest Bitcoin company, with a comprehensive product offering and a global outlook. Our focus is on end to end solutions for consumers to manage and use their bitcoin.Read more
Asher headshot (1).jpg
The Chainsaw

CoinJar is letting Bitcoin users hedge against fluctuations. Here's how it works

Hedged Accounts allow users to peg the price of Bitcoin against the fiat currency of their choice — Australian dollars, US dollars, pounds or the euro.Read more
abc press.jpg
ABC News

Tech startups may help plug mining hole

Analysts say technology start-up companies may help to plug in the gaps left in its wake, though a point of weakness is recognising where to invest and how to identify high-potential opportunities.Read more
The Australian Financial Review

CoinJar to reveal Bitcoin volatility salve

Australian bitcoin exchange CoinJar will unveil plans to fix the value of the highly volatile cryptocurrency for its clients and offer conversion to a range of different currencies...Read more
swipe press.jpg

CoinJar Swipe Bitcoin Debit Cards Now Available

Australian bitcoin services company CoinJar has opened up its debit card service CoinJar Swipe to the general public.Read more
touch press.jpeg

CoinJar Launches New Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin iPhone App

To make managing bitcoin easier, CoinJar has launched the CoinJar Touch app for iOS today. Now CoinJar users can buy, spend or cash out to a bank account from their iPhone.Read more
london press.jpeg
The Australian

Aussie Bitcoin start-up CoinJar moves to the UK

CoinJar has officially reincorporated as a UK company, CoinJar UK Ltd, and has taken up residence at Europe’s largest financial technology accelerator, Level 39 at Canary Wharf in London.Read more
card mashable.jpg

Australia's First Bitcoin EFTPOS Card Will Allow You To Buy Your Groceries

An Australian company is trialling a bitcoin EFTPOS card, allowing customers to spend the digital currency in retail stores. CoinJar is taking the next step to make bitcoin more accessible to the public with the release of Swipe cards.Read more
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