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How to buy bitcoin with cash in Australia

Make cash deposits to buy cryptocurrency at 1,200+ retail outlets around Australia, thanks to Blueshyft.

Search Blueshyft locations

Make instant cash transfers by depositing physical Australian Dollars into your CoinJar at any retail outlet supported by Blueshyft across Australia.

Using Blueshyft

  • Visit 'Quick Deposit' in your CoinJar.
  • Enter your deposit amount in the Blueshyft tab. Ensure that this is below your current daily Blueshyft limit.
  • Select 'Add funds'. A unique QR code will be sent to your email address.
  • Visit the Blueshyft cash deposit location of your choice and present the QR code and your cash deposit.

Please note: There is a Blueshyft payment processing fee of 1.5% and deposits must be at least $50. Please check your CoinJar account for your Blueshyft deposit limits. All Blueshyft payments must be a multiple of "$10". Visit our Knowledge Base for more information.

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