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What is Chainlink?

What is Chainlink (LINK)? Buy Chainlink on CoinJar: Chainlink is a cryptocurrency that plays a crucial role in the world of decentralised finance (DeFi). In this article, we explain what Chainlink is, how to buy it, and what it is used for.

What is Chainlink?

Chainlink is a decentralised oracle network that bridges the gap between smart contracts and real-world data.

But what on earth does that mean?

Decentralised oracle networks

Smart contracts on blockchains can’t access external data directly. Chainlink solves this problem by providing a decentralised network of oracles.

These oracles gather real-world data (such as stock prices, weather conditions, or sports scores) and feed it into smart contracts.

Imagine a smart contract that triggers a payment when a specific event occurs (e.g., a flight delay). To execute this, the contract needs accurate external data. Oracles act as trusted intermediaries, ensuring that smart contracts receive reliable information. This makes it a good solution for DeFi applications.

How does Chainlink solve the Oracle Problem?

The oracle problem arises because smart contracts cannot directly access external data. Chainlink addresses this by creating an incentive system for oracles. These oracles provide reliable data, gain a positive reputation, and are rewarded with LINK tokens. As they accumulate reputation, their accuracy and reliability increase.

How to Buy Chainlink

If you’re interested in acquiring LINK tokens, follow these steps.

-Choose a cryptocurrency exchange: Start by selecting a reputable exchange. One such platform is CoinJar.

-Create an account: Sign up on CoinJar or any other exchange that supports LINK.

-Verify your identity: Complete the necessary procedures to prove who you are.

-Deposit funds: Deposit local money via your preferred method into your exchange account.

-Search for “LINK” and execute your purchase.

-Your LINK will appear in your CoinJar account / CoinJar wallet. From here you can move it into another wallet if you prefer.

Is Chainlink a good investment?

LINK has gained growing attention since its introduction in September 2017. Here are some factors to consider.

Real-world adoption

The technology is actively used by various projects, including DeFi platforms, gaming, and supply chain management.

White paper and vision

The white paper outlines its purpose and technical details. It’s essential reading for potential investors.


Co-founded by Sergey Nazarov and Steve Ellis, both are experienced in blockchain technology.

Market demand

As blockchain networks expand, the need for reliable oracles grows. Chainlink decentralises this critical service.

Amount of LINK

Keep an eye on the circulating supply of LINK tokens. Scarcity can impact its value.

Conclusion: Buy Chainlink

Chainlink’s decentralised oracle network addresses a fundamental problem in blockchain-based smart contracts. While no investment is risk-free, LINK’s strong fundamentals make it an interesting choice for those interested in DeFi and real-world data integration.


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Frequently asked questions

What is Chainlink?

Chainlink is a decentralised oracle network that plays a crucial role in connecting smart contracts on blockchains with external data sources, APIs, and systems. It ensures that smart contracts can securely access real-world data, such as prices, weather conditions, or other relevant information.

What is an Oracle?

An oracle is a critical component for smart contracts. It acts as a bridge between the blockchain and the external world.

Oracles provide accurate and up-to-date data to smart contracts, allowing them to verify conditions based on real-world information. For example, determining the price of Bitcoin on a specific date relies on an oracle.

Who is Ari Juels?

Ari Juels is a prominent figure in the blockchain and cryptography space. He has contributed significantly to the development of secure systems, including work related to oracles and privacy-enhancing technologies.

What are external data sources?

External data sources refer to real-world information that smart contracts need to function properly. These sources can include market prices, weather data, sports scores, and more. Chainlink’s oracles connect smart contracts to these external data feeds.

What is chain data?

Chain data refers to information stored on the blockchain itself. It includes data related to transactions, smart contracts, and other on-chain activities. Chainlink oracles complement this by providing off-chain data, bridging the gap between the blockchain and external sources.

Did Chainlink hold an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

Yes, Chainlink held an initial coin offering (ICO) in 2017 to raise funds for its development. During the ICO, LINK tokens were distributed to participants who supported the project. These tokens now play a crucial role within the Chainlink ecosystem.

Chainlink’s innovative approach to oracles has made it a vital component in the blockchain space, enabling smart contracts to interact with real-world data securely. If you’re interested in buying Chainlink, platforms like CoinJar offer convenient ways to acquire LINK tokens.

What is LINK?

LINK is a cryptocurrency and technology platform that enables non-blockchain enterprises to securely connect with blockchain platforms.

It acts as middleware, connecting blockchain-based smart contracts with external data sources, such as baseball scores or stock prices.

What are decentralized oracle networks?

Decentralized oracle networks are systems that allow blockchains to interact with external data and services.

In the context of Chainlink, these oracles facilitate the secure movement of data on and off blockchains, enabling smart contracts to execute based on real-world inputs and outputs.

How does Chainlink decentralise data and computations?

Chainlink uses hybrid smart contracts to integrate on-chain code with off-chain data infrastructure.

It securely enables computations both on and off the blockchain, supporting what it calls hybrid smart contracts and cross-chain interoperability.

What is the Chainlink decentralised oracle network?

The Chainlink decentralised oracle network is a system of nodes adhering to set protocols.

Node operators stake their LINK tokens and provide off-chain data retrieval, formatting, and computations.

This network ensures reliable data feeds, verifiable randomness, automation, and cross-blockchain interoperability.

How does Chainlink collaborate with Ethereum?

The blockchain is hosted on the Ethereum platform, which uses the proof-of-stake operating protocol.

Chainlink’s open-source nature allows anyone to view its code and contribute to the project.

Chainlink plays a crucial role in securely connecting blockchain ecosystems with real-world data. This makes it a vital component in the rapidly evolving decentralised finance (DeFi) landscape.

What are Service Level Agreements (SLAs)?

Chainlink aims to enhance the reliability and predictability of its decentralised oracle network.

Service-level agreements (SLAs) play a crucial role in achieving this goal.

These terms may require that oracle nodes put down a security deposit that is only returned to the node if they perform according to pre-agreed-upon terms.

For example, if an oracle node delivers data on time as specified in the SLA, they would receive their security deposit back.

SLAs are essential for ensuring the reliability and integrity of data provided by Chainlink’s decentralised oracle network, benefiting various industries such as DeFi, insurance, gaming, and NFTs.

What are chain computations in Chainlink?

Chain computations refer to the ability of Chainlink to perform off-chain computations within the Chainlink decentralised oracle network.

When executing complex or resource-intensive tasks, it is often expensive to perform them directly on the blockchain.

Chainlink addresses this challenge by allowing smart contracts to request computations off-chain, leveraging external resources while maintaining security and trust.

For example, you can compute the geometric mean of numbers in a list using Chainlink decentralized oracle network (DON).

The process involves sending a request to the DON, which then performs the computation off-chain and aggregates the result, returning it to your smart contract.

Why are chain computations important?

By offloading computations to external servers, Chainlink reduces the cost of executing complex logic on the blockchain.

Chain Computations allow smart contracts to access real-world data, which is essential for various use cases like financial derivatives, insurance, and supply chain management This ensures that computations are performed securely by multiple nodes, maintaining the integrity of data and results.

How can developers use chain computations?

Developers can integrate chain computations into their smart contracts by interacting with Chainlink’s functions.

Whether it’s calculating averages, performing statistical analyses, or handling complex business logic, Chain computations enhance the capabilities of decentralised applications.

Chain computations empower developers to build more efficient and data-rich decentralised applications, bridging the gap between blockchain and real-world information.

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