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What is Ethereum Name Service?

Buy Ethereum Name Service (ENS): Why do investors buy ENS? Because ENS simplifies crypto addresses for everyone. Let’s break it down.

What is ENS?

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a distributed technology based on the Ethereum blockchain. Its mission is to provide an elegant solution to the long and confusing crypto addresses we encounter in the world of cryptocurrencies. Think of ENS as a way to create a human-readable name that represents your crypto address, similar to a website domain or an email address.

What is the ENS token? (ENS)

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) token (or crypto) is built on the ERC-20 standard and serves as a governance token within the ENS community. Its primary purpose is to enable community members to propose and vote on changes within the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO).

The total supply of ENS tokens is capped at 100 million. Currently, 31.2 million tokens are in circulation (as at 14 May 2024).

Why is ENS useful?

Human-readable names

Cryptocurrency addresses are typically a string of random characters (like 0x98...674). Remembering or sharing these addresses can be challenging. ENS allows you to create a custom name (e.g., nick.eth) that maps to your actual crypto address. Now you can share your ENS name instead of the complex address, making transactions easier and more intuitive.

One name for all chains

With ENS, you can use the same name across different blockchains. No more copying and pasting lengthy addresses! Whether you’re receiving Ethereum, tokens, or NFTs, your ENS name covers it all.

Decentralised websites

ENS also enables censorship-resistant, decentralised websites. By uploading your website to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and associating it with your ENS name, you create a user-friendly way to access your content. Imagine browsing websites like “mywebsite.eth” instead of IPFS hashes!

How does ENS work?

Registering an ENS name

Users can register ENS names through various wallets and services. Choose a unique name (e.g., your nickname or brand) and link it to your crypto address.

Resolving ENS names

When someone enters an ENS name (e.g., “alice.eth”), the ENS system translates it into the corresponding crypto address (e.g., 0x...).

This resolution happens behind the scenes, making it seamless for users.

Integration with wallets and services

ENS is widely integrated into wallets, browsers, and apps. You can use your ENS name across platforms, simplifying transactions and interactions.

The future of ENS

ENS simplifies crypto addresses by replacing them with user-friendly names, making transactions more intuitive. For example, instead of sharing a lengthy address like “0xDC25E998338AF3F5B8A1862ADA83795FBA2D695E,” you can use a more straightforward format like “CoinJar.eth.”

As blockchain adoption grows, ENS will play an essential role in making crypto more accessible. Imagine a world where sending funds is as easy as typing a friend’s name! ENS will likely expand to support more chains, enhance security, and become a standard part of the crypto experience.

ENS bridges the gap between complex crypto addresses and human-friendly names, making the decentralised world more user-friendly.

How to buy Ethereum Name Service (ENS) on CoinJar

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Deposit Funds: Transfer funds from your bank account using your preferred method.

Once your account is funded, you can buy ENS and other cryptocurrencies.

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Frequently asked questions

What is ENS (Ethereum Name Service)?

ENS is a decentralised system built on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to replace complex crypto addresses with human-readable names. It’s like a domain name service (DNS) for the Ethereum ecosystem.

Why should I use ENS?

ENS makes crypto addresses easy to remember by allowing you to create custom names (e.g., “myname.eth”) that map to your actual Ethereum address. It simplifies transactions and interactions within the Ethereum ecosystem.

How can I buy ENS?

To buy Ethereum Name Service, follow these steps: Sign up to CoinJar. Deposit funds (e.g., via bank transfer). Purchase ENS tokens.

Who owns ENS domains?

ENS domains are owned by the user who registers them. You become the domain owner when you associate an ENS name with your Ethereum address.

What Is the ENS Registry?

The ENS registry is a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain that manages ENS names and their mappings to addresses.

What Is a Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO)?

A DAO, such as the Ethereum Foundation, is an organisation run by token holders. ENS operates as part of the DAO ecosystem.

How does ENS handle addresses for other cryptocurrencies?

ENS primarily focuses on Ethereum addresses. However, it can potentially extend to other blockchains in the future.

Is ENS user-friendly?

Yes! ENS aims to be user-friendly by providing human-readable and memorable names.

What are machine-readable addresses?

ENS names are both human-readable and machine-readable. Machines can resolve them to Ethereum addresses seamlessly.

How does ENS use blockchain technology?

ENS leverages the Ethereum blockchain to store and manage domain mappings securely.

How is ENS different from traditional DNS?

Unlike traditional DNS, which maps domain names to IP addresses, ENS maps names to Ethereum addresses and content hashes (for decentralised websites). Remember, ENS bridges the gap between complex crypto addresses and user-friendly names, making the Ethereum ecosystem more accessible.

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