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What is Pepe?

What is Pepe? How to buy $PEPE memecoin? Pepe ($PEPE) is a memecoin intended for entertainment purposes only, and its tokens have no intrinsic value or utility.

But that hasn’t stopped the crypto being widely known and traded just for fun. The creators even admit that the coin is just a fun exercise, saying on their official website (be careful of fakes), “$PEPE is a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. There is no formal team or roadmap. The coin is completely useless and for entertainment purposes only.”

What is Pepe? What is the meaning of Pepe lore?

Launched in April 2023 by anonymous creators, Pepe has quickly become one of the top-traded cryptocurrencies without a presale, airdrop or a marketing muscle.

Pepe ($PEPE), a meme coin built on the Ethereum blockchain, gained significant popularity shortly after its public debut in April 2023. Within just three weeks, it achieved a milestone that took Dogecoin (DOGE) almost four years to reach: A market capitalisation surpassing $1 billion. Despite its extreme price volatility, $PEPE boasts an impressive number of individual holders.

While the official PepeCoin website explicitly states that $PEPE lacks intrinsic value or any expectation of financial returns, more than a hundred thousand investors have acquired $PEPE.

In contrast to the DOGE and SHIB memecoins, which took almost four years and 10 months for its market capitalisation to surpass $1 billion, Pepe reached the same milestone within three weeks of its launch. The price of $PEPE has been highly volatile since then.

Where did the Pepe meme come from

Pepe the Frog is a cartoon character crafted by artist Matt Furie for his comic book "Boy’s Club". $PEPE has no association with Matt Furie or his creation Pepe the Frog. The meme, once spawned, took on a life of its own. It has a bit of a political backstory, so you may want to read up on it before you buy.

Pay with Pepe

Imagine going to a cafe and buying your mates coffee using Pepe! This is actually a good conversation starter and you can do it using CoinJar Card. Users can nominate Pepe as their spend account and use it for in-store and online purchases everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Is Pepe a memecoin?

Yes. Pepecoin ($PEPE) is now one of the most well-known memecoins. It is a new player, having burst onto the scene in 2023, which is rather recently in the timeline of crypto. But it hasn’t stopped the cryptocurrency from being one of the most talked-about offerings.

PepeCoin: The memecoin backstory

PepeCoin ($PEPE) was created as a homage to Pepe the Frog, a popular internet meme that originated in the early 2000s. Pepe the Frog is a cartoon character that has been used to express various emotions and opinions online, sometimes in controversial ways.

It is also connected to spliff culture. The circulating supply of $PEPE is 420 million tokens, and this is a nod to cannabis culture’s “4/20.”

Pepe is a digital currency that is based on a humorous or viral phenomenon. Memecoins are often seen as fun and lighthearted, but they can also attract a lot of attention and investment from the cryptocurrency community. Some examples of other meme coins are Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

Pepe: Deflationary

Pepe is different from most meme coins because it is deflationary, which means that its supply decreases over time. This is achieved by a mechanism that burns (destroys) a small percentage of $PEPE tokens every time a transaction is made. This creates scarcity and increases the value of the remaining tokens.

Pepe coin also has a no-tax policy, which means that it does not charge any fees or commissions to its users. This makes it more appealing and accessible to people who want to trade or hold $PEPE tokens.

How did the Pepe craze start?

It is thought that just one whale (a person or company who holds a huge amount of a particular crypto) started the Pepe buying spree. This whale bought 5.9 trillion $PEPE coins for $260, using 0.125 ETH. The price of Pepe rose, and now that investor’s initial $260 is worth US$7million.

After this news broke, many other people wanted to buy $PEPE coins too, hoping to make a lot of money before the price went down.

But there is a catch. The person who has 5.9 trillion $PEPE coins might not be able to sell them easily, because there are not enough buyers and sellers for $PEPE in the market.

Pepe Community

Pepe has gained a lot of popularity and support from its fans, who call themselves Pepes. They use social media platforms like Twitter to promote and celebrate their meme coin, and to interact with other Pepes. They also hope that Pepe will become one of the top meme-based cryptocurrencies in the market.

How to buy $PEPE

Pepe ($PEPE) is a memecoin based on Ethereum that is intended for entertainment purposes only. It has no intrinsic value or utility, and its price is very volatile. If you still want to buy Pepe on CoinJar, you can follow these steps:

-Download the CoinJar app on iOS or Android.

-Create an account and verify your ID.

-Deposit local currency/ funds into your account using bank transfer or card.

-Enter the amount of funds you want to trade for $PEPE and click “Buy”.

-You can now see your Pepe balance in your wallet.

You can also use CoinJar Card to spend your Pepe online and in-store wherever Mastercard is accepted.

What is Pepe? Conclusion

Pepecoin is one of the many memecoins that have emerged in the crypto space, inspired by the popularity of Dogecoin and other meme-based cryptocurrencies. Pepe is based on the Ethereum blockchain. The name and logo of Pepe are derived from the Pepe the Frog meme, which was created by Matt Furie in 2005 and became a viral internet phenomenon.

Pepe is jostling for attention alongside Shiba Inu and Dogecoin their loyal community of fans. Pepe aims to be a fun and accessible way for people to get involved in the crypto world.

best crypto exchange, buy bitcoin,
best crypto exchange, buy bitcoin,

Cash, credit or crypto?

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Frequently asked questions

Is PepeCoin a good investment?

This is a subjective question that depends on your risk appetite, investment goals, and market conditions. Pepe is a meme coin that has no inherent utility or value proposition, other than its cultural and viral appeal. It is highly volatile and speculative, and its price is influenced by social media hype and market sentiment. Some people may see Pepe as a good investment because they believe in its potential to become a popular and widely adopted meme coin, like Dogecoin.

Others may see Pepe as a bad investment because they think it is a fad that will fade away or be replaced by other meme coins. Ultimately, the decision to invest in Pepe is up to you and your own judgment.

What is the point of Pepe?

Pepe is a meme coin that was created as a tribute to the Pepe the Frog internet meme, which became a viral phenomenon. Pepe coin aims to be a fun and accessible way for people to get involved in the crypto world. Pepe coin does not have a clear point or purpose, other than being a meme coin that celebrates internet culture and humour.

Can Pepe coin reach $1?

Pepe coin is currently trading at around US$0.000000904469 per coin. To reach $1, Pepe’s price would need to increase hugely. This is a very unlikely scenario.

Pepe coin is not designed to be a store of value or a medium of exchange, but rather a meme coin that relies on social media attention and popularity. Therefore, it is very improbable that Pepe coin will ever reach $1, unless there is a massive and sustained surge of interest and adoption from the crypto community and the general public.

How much is a Pepe coin worth?

Pepe worth is determined by the market forces of supply and demand, as well as the perception and sentiment of its users and investors. Pepe coin does not have any intrinsic value or utility, unlike some other cryptocurrencies that offer services, solutions, or innovations.

Pepe’s worth is based on its meme status and its cultural relevance. As of now, Pepe is worth about US$0.000000904469 per coin. However, this price can change rapidly and unpredictably, depending on various factors and events that affect the crypto market. Pepe’s worth is ultimately what people are willing to pay for it at any given time.

What is Pepe? What is $PEPE?

Pepe ($PEPE) is a meme coin built on the Ethereum blockchain. It was inspired by the internet meme Pepe the Frog, which became popular in the early 2000s. Pepe aims to leverage the popularity of meme coins and position itself as a notable meme-based digital asset.

How does Pepe work?

Pepe is an ERC-20 token with a deflationary model. It has a maximum supply of 420 trillion tokens, which references the cannabis culture’s 4/20. A small percentage of tokens are burned with each transaction, creating scarcity and potentially increasing the value of the remaining tokens over time.

What are the features of Pepe?

Pepe has a few unique features that distinguish it from other meme coins. One of them is the no-tax policy, which eliminates transaction fees on buying or selling the token.

What are the challenges of Pepe?

Pepe has faced some challenges since its launch in April 2023. In August 2023, some developers on the Pepe team transferred 16 trillion $PEPE tokens (worth about US$15 million) from the project’s multi-signature wallet to various exchanges.

This caused the price of the token to drop significantly and raised concerns about the project’s future. The developers claimed they were updating the wallet, but the project’s official account accused them of stealing the tokens and selling them.

The project has since reassured the community that the remaining tokens in the multi-signature wallet are safe and under the control of someone who has the best interests of the project and the token holders.

Where can I buy Pepe?

Pepe is available on several major crypto exchanges, and you can buy it here at CoinJar. You can also buy Pepe on decentralised exchanges, such as Uniswap and SushiSwap. To buy Pepe, you will need to have some Ethereum (ETH) in your wallet and swap it for $PEPE on the exchange of your choice.

Is PEPE an animal? What is Pepe frog? How do you pronounce Pepe the Frog?

The Pepe frog is a meme that inspired the $PEPE cryptocurrency. So yes, PEPE is an animal, or rather, an amphibian. The meme is also sometimes called the $PEPE meme. You can check out the pronunciation here.

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