Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high‑risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

Affiliate Marketing Guidelines

These marketing guidelines (Guidelines) comprise an indicative list of mandatory requirements relating to the marketing of cryptoasset products and services, pursuant to all agreement and relationship between CoinJar UK Limited (CoinJar) and any of its marketing affiliates and influencers (Affiliates).

These Guidelines may be amended by CoinJar at any time, upon its sole discretion and without prior written notice. It is essential that these Guidelines are reviewed prior to, and whenever, any campaign is undertaken. Non-compliance with these marketing guidelines may cause CoinJar and the affiliate to breach the financial promotion rules under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

1. Only distribute content prepared by CoinJar

There are significant restrictions on the ability of unauthorised persons to communicate financial promotions that relate to cryptoassets. Accordingly, Affiliates who are not authorised with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) must only distribute CoinJar-related content that is prepared and approved by CoinJar. Such content will be prepared in conjunction with the Affiliate.

2. Risk Warning

It is essential that a risk warning is displayed wherever cryptoasset products are marketed.

The warning should state the following (but note that the required risk warning may change in the future):

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high‑risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more.

The risk warning must be displayed in the language of the medium used to market cryptoassets separate from any other risk warnings. The link should be:

3. Risk warning placement, appropriate Call-to-Actions and disclaimers

When you market or promote CoinJar, you must not directly link to CoinJar’s sign up page. You must only link to CoinJar’s main website. If or whenever a direct link or button (Call-To-Action or CTA) provides the possibility of visiting CoinJar’s website, the relevant risk warning disclaimers should be visible around any such button(s) or link(s). The risk warning should always be in the language of the website, visible, and added to every Call-to-Action. It should also be added, if the call to action is displayed in a video, stated orally in a video or is in the video description.

Depending on the size of the CTA, a different disclaimer should be used.

  • For a small CTA, the disclaimer is: “Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. Take 2 mins to learn more. (always in bold).

  • For a bigger CTA, the disclaimer is: “Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high‑risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 mins to learn more. (always in bold).

If a CTA is at the end of a review, video, website, blog, or an article, always use the long version.

4. No Incentives

Affiliates should not make any reference to any monetary (eg sign-up or referral bonuses) or non-monetary incentives.

5. Approved advertising mediums only

Affiliates must not promote CoinJar through any sources or mediums that have not been previously reviewed and approved by CoinJar.

These sources include: search engines, social media networks, ad networks, websites, marketing emails, blogs, podcast, community forums, public (such as Reddit) or private (such as Telegram or Discord) chatrooms, long-form video content (eg YouTube), short-form video content (eg TikTok), character-limited media (eg Twitter), live streams (including gaming streams such as Twitch), stories and carousel posts (eg Instagram posts with multiple pictures) or similar channels or sources.

CoinJar will monitor traffic to its websites from unapproved sources and may cease its relationship with Affiliates that do not comply with this guideline.

6. Always reference CoinJar UK Limited when targeting audiences residing in the UK

If you are unsure of which entity you should refer to, you should always ask CoinJar. The text in the marketing material can, for example, look like this when promoting CoinJar UK Limited’s services:

CoinJar UK Limited (company number 8905988) registered by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Cryptoasset Exchange Provider and Custodian Wallet Provider in the United Kingdom under the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017, as amended (Firm Reference No. 928767).

7. General considerations

Affiliates must ensure that all of your communication, promotion and marketing in relation to the services provided by CoinJar is fair, clear and not misleading.

You must ensure that each communication and each promotion of CoinJar UK Limited:

a. is clearly identifiable as such;

b. is accurate;

c. uses plain and intelligible language;

d. is easily legible (or, in the case of any information given orally, clearly audible);

e. is balanced and, in particular, does not emphasise any potential benefits of a product or service without also giving a fair and prominent indication of any relevant risks;

f. is sufficient for, and presented in a way that is likely to be understood by the average member of the group to which it is directed, or by which it is likely to be received;

g. does not disguise, omit, diminish or obscure important information, statements or warnings; and

h. where a communication or a promotion of CoinJar’s cryptoasset services contains a comparison or contrast, the comparison or contrast is presented in a fair and balanced way and is meaningful (as per the criteria set out herein).

Do’s and Don’ts:

Affiliates should be mindful of the following rules:

a. Don’t hide, disguise or obscure important information by using small print - You need to make key information and risk warnings clearly legible.

b. Don’t promise profits or gains - When marketing cryptoassets, don’t start with their performance. When mentioning performance, you should always put the relevant risk warning in a clear and visible manner near it. If you mention past performance, your data should cover at least 5 years of the cryptoasset’s performance. If the cryptoasset was created under than 5 years, your data should cover its performance from its inception;

c. Don’t omit costs - You need to be transparent and clear about any charges, costs, fees or risks that may occur. Ensure that the marketing is balanced - avoid only mentioning the positives, without stating the risks, costs and charges. You should not suggest that a service is free of charge when in fact there is a charge.

d. Don’t set unrealistic expectations - Do not promise guarantees of success or security. Do not entangle a regulatory authority and use its name in a manner that alludes to endorsement or its approval of the products and services of CoinJar.;

e. Don’t use outdated information - All relevant information, warnings or terms should be updated regularly; any inaccurate content must be removed or made compliant.

f. Don’t make unclear statements - All claims need to be clear and able to be demonstrated. Acronyms and jargon that may not be obvious to the reader should be explained.

g. Don't make unsubstantiated claims - e.g “the largest exchange” or “the most successful” without appropriate evidence. Avoid using absolute or unqualified terms unless they can be proved.

h. Don’t use a hastening tone - Avoid making statements like “open an account today” or “in minutes”, because each individual must be assessed to see if crypto is appropriate for them and not all applicants will be successful. Do not say ‘no experience needed’ or make similar claims.

i. Don't make over-optimistic projections - Any comparison you make must be meaningful and presented in a fair and balanced manner. You must ensure that the benefits and drawbacks/risk and reward/advantages and disadvantages of crypto assets are balanced through equally prominent statements with the same amount of weight.

Present opportunities and risks in a balanced manner. The below are for illustrative purposes only and not a comprehensive list:


8. Always provide fair, clear and not misleading communications

8.1. Fair Communication

A communication or a promotion of CoinJar’s cryptoasset services should not describe a feature of a product or service as “guaranteed”, “protected” or “secure”, or use a similar term unless:

  • that term is capable of being a fair, clear and not misleading description of it; and
  • you communicate all of the information necessary and present that information with sufficient clarity and prominence, to make the use of that term fair, clear and not misleading.

Communications are not fair when the communicating party:

  • uses misleading headlines;
  • makes unfair comparisons;
  • displays important information only in small print; or
  • does not display the risks of a product or service prominently enough.

You should not make any assertions or suggestions about the safety, security and reliability of CoinJar’s cryptoasset services as a guarantee by the relevant regulators which supervise CoinJar. You should also not mention the regulators’ names as a sign of the reputability or safety of CoinJar.

In principle, assertions and suggestions about the safety, security, and lack of risk in relation to CoinJar’s cryptoasset services, or the cryptoasset products themselves, are restricted. In general, you must make sure that the receiver of communications related to CoinJar’s cryptoasset services, has an appreciation and understanding not only of the potential benefits but also of any relevant risks.

8.2. Clear Communication

Communications are clear when they may be unambiguously understood by any potential customer to the extent an average customer would understand, in relation to the nature of the service that the firm provides. Remember that people have different levels of understanding about financial products, and many usually would not understand the financial industry's jargon or technical terms.

Examples of unclear communications are when:

  • You don't provide enough or the right type of information; and/or
  • Information provided is insufficient or may be ambiguously interpreted so that any potential customer may not be aware of any:
    • Charges;
    • Penalties (e. g. if someone withdraws money early from an investment);
    • Risks (e. g. if someone could get back less money from an investment than the amount they paid in); or
    • Key conditions associated with an offer (e. g. if someone has to withdraw limits).

8.3. Advice and Recommendations

CoinJar is an execution-only crypto exchange, and as such, it can neither directly nor indirectly provide or be associated with the provision of any investment advice to its customers. You should not provide any investment advice in a form that could in any way directly or indirectly imply that advice is given on behalf or to the benefit of CoinJar.

For the avoidance of doubt, investment advice shall mean any recommendation or guidance that attempts to educate, inform, or guide an investor regarding a particular cryptoasset or any other product or series of products. This means that you should not mention any crypto or token, advise people to buy or sell it, or suggest whether investors should buy, sell or hold a particular crypto. Doing so may violate the applicable laws and regulations and expose you and our company to legal risks and penalties.

9. Approach towards vulnerable clients

Only target individuals over 18 years of age. You should consider the extent to which vulnerable clients might access a financial promotion especially when displayed on any type of social media. A vulnerable client is someone, who, due to their personal circumstances, is especially susceptible to harm. You should not sway your promotion in such a way that a vulnerable customer may be left with the impression that, for example, an investment may reduce their debt, or imply guaranteed success and profitability.

10. Monitoring

a. CoinJar will be monitoring your marketing communication on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance with these guidelines. You may therefore be contacted at any time by CoinJar to amend and or remove marketing material we may deem inappropriate;

b. Regulatory demands can change often and with no prior notice. When this occurs, all promotional materials need to change immediately. If you want to make any changes to CoinJar’s promotional materials on your site, you must let us know;

c. Keep in mind that if there are regular compliance issues, CoinJar UK Limited may need to reconsider the Affiliate relationship as a whole.

11. Transparency

a. Do not use false personal information that could mislead clients and/or potential clients, such as false names, postal and email addresses;

b. Do not contact the same client using different email addresses or phone numbers;

c. Ensure you have clients’ prior consent when sending marketing communication concerning CoinJar’s cryptoasset Products and Services.

You should under no circumstances present yourself as being a representative, agent or employee of CoinJar. You shall not use CoinJar’s name in a way as to give to the public or any regulator the impression of the above. You shall refrain from using CoinJar’s name in communication with potential clients such as in email communication in a way that it appears that the communication is being sent by CoinJar.

12. Useful Links about CoinJar UK Limited

How is my crypto secured in CoinJar UK Limited?

These Affiliate Marketing Guidelines were last updated and published on 27 September 2023. A copy of the most up to date version of these Guidelines is available on our website.

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