Buying Bitcoin? You Can Now Can Store it on a Hologram

Deciding whether to buy Bitcoin? This might help your decision: You could be storing it in a hologram in the near future.
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If you want to buy Bitcoin just because the tech is cool, this might interest you, because this tech is totally extra. Thanks to some hologram boffins, important data, such as a Bitcoin wallet address and the private key to go with it, can be stored inside said holograms.

While your Bitcoin exists on the blockchain and doesn’t really sit in a hologram, the information that allows you to spend it, can be inside the hologram.

While this isn’t up and running yet, researchers at the Institute of Solid State Physics at TU Wien have worked out that theoretically, it is possible. They say, “It is possible to encode a Bitcoin wallet address (consisting of 256 bits) in a piece of plastic.”

By shining terahertz rays through the plastic, a terahertz ray image is generated, and shows the code.

"In this way, you can securely store a value of tens of thousands of euros in an object that only costs a few cents," says Evan Constable from the Institute of Solid State Physics at TU Wien.

How it would work in real life

This tech means that you could hand over a crypto credit card to a cashier. A laser device could read the hologram on it, and take Bitcoin for the transaction, using your private key to sign in to your Bitcoin wallet. The information can release the Bitcoin, and complete the transaction.

You could then put your hologram card away and enjoy whatever dumb thing you just bought.

Why a hologram for crypto though?


Storing a password in a hologram is an offline method, in the same way a cold wallet is offline. This removes it from the reach of online hackers.

Also, holograms can be designed to show clear signs of tampering, making it difficult for hackers to access or alter the information without detection.

By storing passwords in a non-digital form, it is less susceptible to traditional forms of digital hacking.

It’s tough

Unlike paper or digital screens, a hologram that's properly stored and protected can last a long time without degrading.

Data storage

Holograms can hold a big chunk of data in a very small space. An entire portfolio of passwords and secure data can be encrypted within a single hologram.

Crypto-world application

Holograms for password storage are not a thing at the moment, probably due to cost and the need for specific reading devices. But it is a fascinating technology, especially when applied to the crypto world. This could be something we will see in the future, as more people adopt crypto.

Tech that makes you want to buy Bitcoin

While implementing this tech with existing Bitcoin infrastructure is a little bit away, it’s still a totally cool idea. And for all those tech junkies out there, you now have another reason to buy Bitcoin and add it to your arsenal of financial tricks.

What is a Bitcoin address?

Here is what the hologram could potentially store:

Public key

This is the foundation of a Bitcoin address. It is derived from the private key and transformed into a shorter version for sharing. It is like an account number at a bank.

Private key

A secret number that enables you to send and receive Bitcoin. It’s like a pin number for your bank account. It must be kept confidential. The private key determines ownership of the funds associated with the address.

So now your average crypto bro or sis can flit around town paying for things with their hologram card, without relying on third parties like banks. Honestly, how many people will buy Bitcoin just to use a hologram card?

We all know we already want the hologram card! Bring it on, hologram scientists!

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