CoinJar Security

From ultra-secure cold storage to powerful customer account security, CoinJar is proud to be an industry leader when it comes to protecting your assets.

Next-gen peace of mind


Fraud protection

We employ multi-level data encryption, ongoing security audits and institutional-grade organisation security to protect customer accounts. Our in-house Support team uses advanced machine learning to recognise suspicious logins, account takeovers and financial fraud.

Asset security

Our custodian of choice, BitGo Trust, is one of the oldest and most respected custody providers in the cryptocurrency space. We keep the vast majority of our assets in cold storage or private multi-sig wallets and maintain full currency reserves at all times, with sufficient assets to cover more than 100% of our customer balances.

Trusted exchange

CoinJar is one of the longest-running exchanges on the planet, operating with no downtime since 2013. We’re backed by some of the world’s top investors and are fully registered and compliant with AUSTRAC and the Financial Conduct Authority UK (for AML purposes).


Your personal and financial information is stored and processed in cloud services that meet our strict infrastructure security requirements. For more information about the customer data we collect and how we use it, check out our Privacy Policy.


We host our digital infrastructure with Amazon Web Services, industry leaders when it comes to access control, data encryption, monitoring and isolation. CoinJar’s internal networks are fully encrypted, firewall-protected and isolated from the internet. Our application and database servers are run inside private networks, with further layers of separation between staging and production environments, while public-facing services are handled by dedicated load balancers that only handle HTTP requests.

Company security

All our internal services and databases are protected by cryptographically-secure Multi-Factor Authentication. Engineers do not have access to application credentials or production servers and all deployments are performed independently by a deployment server. CoinJar employees must pass a criminal background check before joining the company and take part in ongoing security and anti-money laundering training.

Outages and issues

Our members can stay updated on any outages and issues by using our real-time Status page, which shows the current status of our wallets and services, details of any current incidents, and information about upcoming maintenance.

Bug bounty

CoinJar works with an active community of security researchers through our Bug Bounty program to help us continually improve the security of CoinJar and our members’ funds.

Protecting your CoinJar

onePick a complex passwordWe recommend using a password manager like iCloud Keychain, 1Password or LastPass.
twoTwo-factor authenticationAdd 2FA to your account using SMS or an authenticator app like Google Authenticator.
threeCheck the URLAlways ensure you’re visiting before entering your username and password.
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onePick a complex passwordWe recommend using a password manager like iCloud Keychain, 1Password or LastPass.
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